6 Design Principles for Effectual Web Design

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Visual appeal of your website definitely attracts people to come and visit your website, but what truly make your website successful are the user experience and the utility of your website. Does your website give out a real good interface and utility? Does your website interact with the potential audience as it should? The answers to all these questions should be a yes for people to find your website worth visiting again and again.

Before designing the website, you need to remember a fact that you are designing the website for the users. You are not going to use it; so make sure your design is in accordance with the requirement of your potential audience. Understand what users technically look for in a web design. They need you to show quality, credibility as well as authenticity. Uniqueness in design and content is valuable to your user, so make sure you showcase it through your design and development attitude. Show your brand’s attitude while subtly aping the rules put in by the user. There should be some instant appeal present in your design, a kind of gratification that does not require thorough reading. If your website serves all of this, then you are in for some amazing time with your users. Technically, you will have revisits thanks to the wonderful appeal created by your website.

Here are 6 design principles that you ought to inculcate in your design prescribed for your potential users. Remember you are designing for your users and not for your ownself.

Users Don’t Want to Think

This line is very useful to all web designers in the world. Your users don’t really want to think about you or your website when they are going through it. So, make sure you design a website that is self explanatory. Think like the user would when browsing your website; come up with the questions that might come to their mind. Your website should solve all such queries. Come up with a clear and organized structure for your website.

Users are Known to be Impatient

Your users are the most impatient people on this earth. They don’t really plan on prolonging their stay on your website. Imagine the frustration they will go through when you say fill out this form to go to the website, or subscribe to this website. They are bound to bounce back from your website. Design something that the user can scan through and enjoy what they are seeing.

Capture your User’s Attention

Say little but capture the attention for sure! Make sure your content is relevant enough for people to pay attention to it. Strong, unique and quality content is essential to capture your user’s attention. Use visual content to grab the eyeballs of your user, but make sure the headline is strong enough too. Play on design element which is known as principle of focus to use content that can handle your user’s attention and keep it on for long enough.

Effective Written Communication

It is important that your written communication or content is good and effective. Precise and accurate content that conveys the message without exaggerating it is known as effective communication. You should avoid all kinds of beautifying of the content and just make sure it communicates the purpose. All sorts of bold, italics and other features will be ignored by the user. After all they don’t really believe things said in bold and italics will ever come true.

Keep it Simple

The whole attire should be booted simple so that your users find you elaborately fascinating. The more complex structure your design, the more your users will run away from you. Designing does not mean structuring it in a complex fashion. Just organize your content, that is attractive, in as easy and simple a format as possible. A clean and simple design that is coded without bugs is what most users would want to see. Provide them what they want, and not how you wish to view your website.

Provide Requisite White Space

It is normal to use white space when you are defining a structure for your website. Remember a clean site has good amount of white space. If you are looking to redefine the white space, make sure it has enough unique structures. Don’t overdo the white space on your website. Use just what is needed, and avoid where it can be avoided.

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