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Search for quality images and illustration in Web design never ends. I am currently building a PSD Website template and needed some illustrations for a preview. I have come accross some really fascinating illustrations that are being presented in this post. All authors are extremely talented and I can only hope they keep on producing such amazing images.

In this case image says more then a thousand words so check out these inspiring illustrations:

Erínye by synectic

Illustration created for international art collective Slashthree. Released within Art Pack XVII: Quote Unquote.

Rapture by synectic


Premium tutorial created for PSDTUTS.

Tertium by synectic

Tertium Illustration

Collaboration between Leonardo Dentico and Wojciech Pijecki. Featured at We Graphics and Wallpaper Art. It’s available in all size wallpapers.

Hand Job by Polel

Colorful remake of a beautiful woman

Remake of a beautiful woman.

Squares by Bram Vanhaeren


Freestyle artwork inspired by the music playing while working on our new website.

SaintDsign – Pacha by SaintDsign

SaintDsign - Pacha by SaintDsign

Feel The Music by Polel

Feel the music, feel the vibes

Feel the music, feel the vibes.

Apex by Nautilus


Just for fun. Inspired by the NBC motion graphics done for the Winter Olympics…

A Part Of Me by LabTwenty

Amazing abstract illustration.

Amazing abstract illustration.

This is hard life

This is hard life

Life may be hard but illustrations like this sure make it easier.

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