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I have recently been looking for some nice castle illustrations for one of my slideshow templates and have come accross some really fascinating illustrations. Talent that these authors possess is truly amazing.

So I have decided to put together a small collection of the best ten illustrations. They have been made for various purposes from book covers to digital art for games. In this case image says more then a thousand words so check out these inspiring illustrations:

LichtBringer Castle Illustration by Jesse van Dijk

LichtBringer Castle Illustration by Jesse van Dijk

Amazing Book Cover commission of a dark Castle. It reminds me of Lich King’s castle in World of Warcraft.

Netherworld Archipelago by Jesse van Dijk

Netherworld Archipelago by Jesse van Dijk

Illustration is featuring capital city of Netherworld Archipelago.

Waterfall Castle by Frederic St-Arnaud

Waterfall Castle

Interesting abstraction of how castle would look in the middle of the Waterfall.

Gnomon Castle by Raphael Lacoste

Gnomon Castle Illustration

Ruins of the castle amidst the mountains.

Masyaf Castle by Rafel Lacoste

Masyaf Castle

Assassin’s Fortress for the Game Assassin’s Creed.

Dark Kastle by Rafel Lacoste

Dark Kastle

Fascinating illustration of a dark and mystic castle.

Utherworld Castle by Philip Straub

Utherworlds romantic castle illustration

A painting for the Philip Straub original IP, Utherworlds.

The Forest of Dark Aster by Marilena Mexi 

The forest of Dark Aster

Concept from Illustrated fantasy novel “Antara”.

The Hidden Castle by Marilena Mexi and Nick Deligaris

The Hidden Castle

Castle hidden amidst the mountains.

Dragon Castle by Randis

Amazing dragon castle illustration

Amazing dragon castle illustration done with speed painting.

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