A Guide to Web Design Basics

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Creating a website for your business or hobby is a great way to get noticed online and more importantly, build a reputation. If you want people to know your business exists, or would like to build a group of people who have the same interests – creating a website is the way to go! However, before you decide to jump into website creation, you need to know all about web design basics. With millions of websites available online, there are many people who are making mistake after mistake. In order to succeed, you should first adhere to website standards. Let us explore a few of them to help you get started.

Decide what type of site you would like. Generally, the easiest is using content management systems. An HTML site may be more practically for the software you are using, but it will take more work in order to create single pages, adding content, and so on. Once you find out what platform you want, you can continue with the look of the site. So far, there is Dreamweaver, HTML based, WordPress, Homestead, and more.

Stick to a design or colorization that relates to your niche. If you have a website about bees, why not make it black and yellow? You can create a lovely web 2.0 site, with bee animations to match it. However, if it’s an information site – you might just want a simple white background with black and yellow pictures or quite simply, pictures of bees.


Fonts are very important when it comes to designing a site. Go with fonts that are easy to read, generally in 10pt to 12pt. If they are too small, the visitor will leave because they cannot read. If the fonts are too big, the website will like amateur.  Try to stay away from image fonts, as this will freeze up the website, making it longer to load.

Most importantly, make sure your website is compatible with all web browsers. The most used browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer. Also popularity of Google Chrome is rising rapidly in last few years. Browsers that you have to also check are Opera and Safari. If it is compatible with all five major browsers majority of people will be able to see your site like they should. Also, you may want to check if your site shows up on the iPhone since many people are surfing the net via their phone.

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