Rules of Web Site Design

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While working on your websites, you have to pay double attention to make sure that you perform well and the results are great as well. I would like to share some simple ways, authentic ways which can help you with the great results.

Avoid splash pages

Splash pages are the introduction pages, which people usually assume that it looks very elegant and creative. Like the “welcome” and beautiful graphics stuff. One have to keep this in mind that you don’t have to impress anyone with your creativity but with your content for what they are actually here. So make sure, you are avoiding splash pages and on the first page, is the link to what are your visitors here for.


No excessive banners

Avoid using excessive banner advertisement because even the new net savvy people understand that this is something which wastes time and space. If you want to waste time, then waste it on the valuable and persuasive content. With this content your visitors will feel that your words are convincing enough to make them buy your product unlike due to banners, where they are forced to buy the product.

Easy navigation

Make sure you go for the easy navigation where even a child is going to understand where to go what to read and where to click. Kindly avoid the complicated menus. Your site must have easy and simple menu where the visitor is going to stay on your site, at least for a while then giving up on try and leaving the page.

Where are we?

Yes, I went for this question because many visitors do ask this question, in their heart from the owner. So hey you owners, open the Bluetooth of your heart and hear what they say, make sure that the visitor knows where he is at this moment and is it the page he wanted to search or the one you wanted him to search? This is pretty important , do not lose your visitors with a crazy maze. Keep interaction clean and do not use more then 3 sub levels. Visitor needs to be able to get anywhere on the page within three clicks.

Unwanted sounds

What I hate the most about these websites is the audio which suddenly plays when we open the site. Oh please, if I hate it I’m sure many of the other visitors out there are hating it too. Do not place those advertising audios on your web page, just make sure your content is convincing enough. Or even if you want to, they should have some buttons to control it. If you really want to have a sound on your website make it very subtle so it doesn’t frighten your visitors.


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