Make Your Site Mobile Friendly by Using the Best Responsive Web Design Tools

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In order to create a responsive web design, you have to know a few tips and tricks and use them correctly. Nowadays, making the best out of the situation goes far beyond than just arranging the things to look good in different screen sizes. So remember, if you are about to create a new site – the responsive design is probably one of the first features you have to pay attention to. If you don’t know how to achieve good results and how to create beautiful responsive web designs, then take a look at the tools we will offer you below.

Responsive Web Design

Adobe Edge Inspect

It will let you pair multiple Android and iOS devices to your computer and all this can be achieved wirelessly. Thanks to Edge Inspect, as long as you browse in Chrome and have your devices connected, you will stay in sync.

Target any device for remote inspection by simply using development tools, change your JS, CSS, HTML code and see the updates instantly. This can be achieved thanks to the hosted server on

For screenshots, just press 1 button and grab screenshots from all the devices you have already paired. Once you make the screenshot, the image will be transferred to your computer on a specified by you folder.


If you have used a grid framework at least once before, then you will like this one for sure! It is a flexible grid with 12 columns and it can be scaled to bigger, defined by you, size that can be easily nested, so you will have no problems with even more complicated layouts. And even if the grid is not enough for your webpage, then it will just get out of the way, isn’t that great?

Adaptive Images

Adaptive images will let you deliver small images to small devices, it detects the screen size of the visitor and then re-scales the version of the web page HTML embedded images and makes them relevant to the resolution of the used device. And the best part is there are not mark-up changes needed.

The reason to use this is because in many cases your site will be visited by slower, smaller and low bandwidth devices and if you don’t have adaptive images, then it will take a whole year for the device to load the original size of the image, therefore sooner or later the user will not want to wait – well, adaptive images fixes this. You must know that it is one of the crucial steps to make your site mobile friendly indeed.


The next tool is Bootstrap which utilizes less CSS and helps people do great stuff on the web. Basically Bootstrap is well-known tool all over the world and it not only look great, but behave great as well. It has special designed features to look even better on smartphone browsers and tablets thanks to the responsive CSS. There are dozens of components, 12 column responsive grid and customizer, which is web-based.

Retina Images

This tool serves various images depending on the used device. Once you setup it on your device, which is, by the way, really simple, you will have to create a high resolution version of every image you would like to be later on optimized and Retina Images will do it for you. You don’t even have to change any tags.


Simple Grid is prepared for 4 different ranges of screen sizes

  • Less than 720px
  • Greater than 720px
  • Greater than 980px
  • Greater than 1230px

Thanks to this, the website using this tool will tune its images and resolution. When building a site, creating the code for your grid will be the least problem, this is why Simple Grid will keep things simple with little classes and possible.

1140px CSS Grid

Lots of people are using this tool but a lot has happened since the initial release. When this tool was initially released, the responsive web design wasn’t that developed but as time passed the web community started realizing that there is need for something that can fix all those images and make sites look great on every device. The tool is really user-friendly and will make your site more responsive, so give it a try!

So now you have learnt about very effective responsive web design tools so that you can also design mobile friendly website. Keep in mind that responsive web design is need of hour and is one of the latest web design trends that makes your site mobile friendly and pulls in thousands of visitors via mobile devices everyday to boost your ranking and sales drastically.

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