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5 Affordable Digital Marketing Trends for Startups

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Managing a startup has a lot of challenges, the main ones being those related to the tight budget. A new company has a limited amount of cash to function on, so many entrepreneurs choose to invest their money in the personnel and infrastructure, leaving marketing campaigns in the last place. This is a huge mistake, as a good marketing campaign puts your brand out there, advertising your products or services to potential customers. After all, if people don’t know that you exist, how could they come to you?

A successful marketing campaign doesn’t have to be expensive; a couple of smart ideas can be everything your startup needs to set itself apart from the competitors.

Invest in social media marketing

Social media is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools you can use to reach out to your audience. It enables you to connect to your potential customers and gather data about who they are and what they need. At the same time, social media can become a smart way to raise awareness of your brand with a minimum investment. What makes it more valuable than other types of marketing is that you can get instant feedback on social media and you can communicate with your customers, showing them that you care about their opinion.

Do your PR homework

PR sounds like something really expensive, something out of reach for a startup. Well, it is not! Public relations are very important for creating a unique brand image. You don’t need to hire an agency, as you can do your own PR by reaching out to influencers and by publishing a high-quality press release on news sites. Using an enterprise SEO tool will help you with your public relations projects, so you won’t have to splurge on PR agents. Digital PR sounds like something really expensive, something out of reach for a startup. Well, it is not!

Invest in a sticker campaign

This might seem strange, but it’s an effective way to promote your startup: just print thousands of stickers and place them in visible places, where your audience hangs out. This is an affordable way to reach out to many people, as there are many companies which offer special discounts for printing large numbers of stickers.

Create highly specific content

Content marketing is still king and you can use it to reach out to a very specific audience. For example, create content which can only be understood by the members of a certain community. This type of marketing campaign is usually very effective, as long as the content is right for the targeted community. For example, you can create content that only programmers will relate to and promote it on a dedicated forum. Add some fun jokes to the content and your audience should grow nice and steady. Here are some techniques in finding content ideas from Content Mavericks that you can use.

Join another brand

Another affordable way to boost your startup is to partner with a bigger brand for a marketing campaign. This way, your business can grow and become visible to a larger audience, while the audience of your partner will benefit from learning about new products. Finding the right company to partner with can be hard, but once you’ve managed to seal the deal, your startup’s future looks brighter.

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