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How to Become a Good WordPress Developer

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WordPress, the most popular CMS, caters to excellent career opportunities for most digital talent across the globe. Of all websites built with a CMS, 62.4% use WordPress and of all websites period, WordPress powers 35.6% of them. Owing to the CMS’s popularity, it has grown into a vast community with three classified development profiles, including Core WordPress Developer, WordPress Theme Developer, and WordPress Plugin Developer. However, WordPress has always been at the forefront of advancement since its launch, and though it is easy to use the platform, it demands a specific skill-set and experience.

Today, when UI/UX are the critical elements to any website’s success, no business wishes to settle down for an intermediate level WordPress expertise. But if you don’t have the time and you need to urgently address something you can always hire WordPress Developers.

Learn All The Primary Standards and Skills

Every WordPress developer begins with learning the key building blocks of WordPress, including HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. But a developer needs to make sure that he is updated with the latest advancements in the WordPress ecosystem. These include the update of WordPress editor, new plugins, themes, versioning tool, etc. Moreover, when businesses hire dedicated WordPress developers, they are looking for WordPress experts having sufficient experience with JavaScript libraries.

An experienced WordPress developer must know all the primary standards of WordPress development. These include the knowledge of most-used used plugins, theme-specific widgets, and front-end development standards.

Learn and Adapt WordPress Development

WordPress development is more than basic coding and implementing functionality through plugins. Instead, a competent WordPress developer needs to have extensive knowledge of WordPress core. He should be able to minimize the use of plugins and 3rd party integrations by prioritizing PHP. With this, WordPress has a huge developer community, where a developer can connect with various WordPress experts to learn optimized WordPress coding.

A skilled WordPress developer generally practices over his local development environment by developing server stacks like MAMP and XAMPP. With this, there are various resource libraries and forums where the developers can ask questions and get solutions to their problems. As a developer, you need to make sure that you are well-updated with the new additions in the ever-evolving CMS.

Choose and Build your Area of Expertise

WordPress development is a continually evolving process that contributes to the larger area of web development. The practice demands an extensive array of skills and has multiple components to learn. As a developer, it is more viable to choose your interest area and develop your expertise in the same. The three main components of WordPress development include:

WordPress core constitutes the default backend functionality of an app. A WordPress core developer is responsible for various operations like debugging, addressing user inquiry tickets, optimizing translations, and suggesting improvements to WordPress trac. WordPress core is the most significant component of WordPress and requires great coding expertise and debugging capabilities.

The theme is the main front-end styling component for WordPress. A developer with some graphic design experience and hands-on expertise over HTML and CSS can build a career in WordPress theme development.

Plugins are software that helps developers customize and add functionality to a WordPress application without making changes to the core. Extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS allows developers to make highly useful plugins.

Other than these, an experienced WordPress developer needs to have a god grip over REST API development. However, you can choose your area of expertise and start focusing on building your skills.

Brace Yourself for Pitfalls

You need to prepare yourself to encounter bugs and failures in coding, and therefore, it goes without saying that you need to polish your debugging skills continually. Develop a good grip over various popular debugging plugins like Debug Bar, DebugThis, and Core Control. Most companies hire dedicated WordPress developers with prominent debugging skills, which could speed up the development process and deliver the right functionality.

The TDD or ‘Test-Driven Development’ practice allows developers to test throughout the development phase and eliminate any bugs in the final development phase. Moreover, the agile development methods have brought simultaneous testing in the picture, and therefore polished debugging skills are quintessential.

Make Security A Priority

Though WordPress CMS allows safe and secure web development, a web application needs to be safeguarded with added security. A web developer needs to assess the authorization and authentication standards well for the project scope. He should be able to implement standards like session-based management, two-factor authentication, and admin-panel security, etc. to prevent malicious cyber-attacks.

Limited use of third-party plugins and data encryption standards are other areas to keep in mind to ensure there is no data leakage through the web app. Secure payment gateways and the use of most-widely used plugins are a must to provide critical data security. Moreover, for code security, the WordPress developer needs to familiarize himself with the HTTPS protocols.

In Conclusion

Learning WordPress skills is an ongoing process and requires significant commitment on the developer’s side. Moreover, when a company wishes to hire dedicated WordPress developers, they consider all the essential factors like adeptness, cost, expertise, and reliability. So, consider the above points to polish your skills over this constantly-evolving CMS.


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