5 effective hints to build a SEO-friendly website

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In this article, you will find out 5 core tips for creating a SEO-friendly website to boost your business, attract customers and increase brand visibility.

If you are a business owner and you start growing your product or service, your main goal will be to raise brand awareness, attract as much audience as possible to create a loyal clientele in the future and drive more sales. For this purpose, your main task will be to create a SEO-friendly website.

The potential of SEO is immense. It’s now your turn to dig deeper and discover its enormous potential for growing your business. To make your product or service profitable and achieve better brand visibility making a SEO-friendly website is imperative. Therefore, we have prepared 5 effective tips that will help you on your way and will allow achieving tangible results.


Importance of SEO for Your Business

Here are some statistics that will show you how important it is to take care of search engine optimization:

  • Each second Google gets more than 75,000 search queries;
  • Websites get 300% more traffic through search engines than through social media;
  • 51% of the overall website traffic is received from organic searches;
  • According to 70% of marketing managers, SEO is much more efficient than PPC when it comes to driving sales;
  • For 61% of marketers growing their SEO practices is one of their main priorities;
  • 14% of leads generated through SEO are being converted into sales.


5 Steps to SEO-Friendly Website

Here are five simple yet very effective steps that will help you create a perfect SEO-friendly website that will bring more customers and will increase sales in the future.

Responsive Website

Building a quality website with an eye-catching design is what you have to do in the first place. However, it’s important to make the website navigation as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. The next very important step will be to make your website responsive. Google will give you a much higher ranking as the importance of website responsiveness is paramount.

The mobile-responsive website used to be a nice addition but today every business that wants to achieve success has to tailor their website to different gadgets. Moreover, you should remember that the majority of people nowadays use their mobile devices to research brands and purchase online. More and more people don’t even use their laptops to access the Internet. Your software development team should put all efforts to create a website that will be suitable for all the devices, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, cell phone or laptop.


Optimize Website for International Audience

This step is very important for those who want to go internationally and reach the audience from different countries all over the world. It’s imperative to tailor your website to the language needs of your target audience. People will be more likely to choose you over other brands if they are able to read all the information on their native language. Translating all content will be beneficial for all business owners.

Localizing the website will also allow you to get better ranking on diverse search engines and more people will see your website in search results. Turn for some help to professional translation services like Translate.com who will provide the best quality and impeccable results. Services like this have all the variety of professional translators who know multiple languages, so no matter what country you want to conquer they will definitely be able to translate your website.


Create a Useful Blog

Providing your customers with high-quality content is integral for better Google ranking as well. Your content has to be indexed by search engines. Otherwise, your website has no chances to show up in search queries results. Create and publish quality content that will be relevant, interesting and informative for your audience. If you give people what they are looking for then you will increase your visibility online.


Double-check the absence of duplicate content as is won’t be good for your website ranking. Also, you have to pay attention to the images you include. Optimize it as well to boost the search ranking. Take care of proper resolution, quality, and size. Add images that will be relevant to the content you post.


Include Relevant Keywords

Keywords are another important step that you have to pay attention to in order to improve your search engine ranking. Keywords will direct people to your website so that you can get familiar with your brand. In order to come up with the list of relevant keywords, you have to figure out what people would type in their search request.

Research the keywords and find the most popular ones available right now for your particular topic. When you have gathered keywords and phrases you need then you should put it in the meta tags, links, headings and spread it throughout the content you post on web pages. However, do not overdo stuff your text with keywords. Make it natural and moderate.


Use Backlinks

The more backlinks you get the better search engine ranking you will get. Backlinks will help you get better website visibility. You can get them while using social media that will grow your audience and create backlinks to your website.

You can also collaborate with some trusted relevant sources. If there are businesses of influencers that will be ready to post your links on their website it will be very helpful for your ranking. Also a great way to get backlinks and drive the audience to your website is to post press releases on a regular basis.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, creating a SEO-friendly website is of paramount importance when it comes to growing your business. Search engines are the main way people can find out about you, stick to your brand and bring you revenue.

Taking care of your website and optimizing it according to the latest SEO techniques will be beneficial for business development for sure. By implementing these tips you will be able to achieve results much faster and get growth results in the future.


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