Black Ops Cold War Zombies Gameplay Guide

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It’s safe to say that Black Ops Cold War Zombies is a step ahead of all other zombie-related releases made by Call of Duty. However, regardless of how good you play, surviving in this game for long without help is hard. That’s why we’ve put together this Black Ops Cold War Zombies gameplay guide to help you breeze through this game for longer.

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Game-play Guide

1. Start By Pre-deciding Your Load-out

Unlike the previous zombie-related games created by Call of Duty, Black Ops Cold War Zombies allows you to decide the weapons to start with from your load-out menu. Choose them from your unlocked weapons to start. We recommend using a knife as your starting weapon to get the maximum points.

Also, consider the field upgrades as they’re specific to your zombies’ mode then choose the ones that match your play style. The field upgrades also give you an upper hand during the match. All of them are great across the various play styles but we recommend Energy Mine as it deals explosive damage.

2. Switch On The Power

The power switch is found in the underground facility and you have to pass through several doors to get there. Each door requires essence to open. Essence is a vital part of the game and you must ensure your team spends it carefully. The essence should be spent by all members of your team, if one character spends it alone, he will be disadvantaged when it comes to upgrading his weapons towards the end of your game.

While playing Black Ops Cold War, you’ll encounter several attacks from strong zombies. You survive for a while if you don’t have a way to upgrade your weapons and switching on the power is the first step in the right direction.

3. Unlock The Punch-a-Pack Machine

A punch-a-pack machine allows you to open a new world of weapons for your characters. It also enables you to upgrade your current weapons to fight with more dangerous zombies. However, each upgrade of the punch-a-pack machine costs essence and that’s why it’s prudent to use them cautiously from the beginning. The first upgrade tier costs 5,000 essences, the second is 15,000, and the third tier is 30,000.

The higher the upgrade the more damage your weapons will do. Your weapons also get a camo skin after every upgrade. Be upgrading your weapons immediately you get your punch-a-pack machine. We recommend you upgrade your weapons by round 10 or so. Failure to do so will make stronger zombies attack and make them more challenging to defeat.

4. Craft Tables and Mystery Boxes

This provides a great opportunity to earn more power by allowing you to pick items from the crafted table and boxes. These items are handy in enabling you to upgrade your weapons. Crafting tables gives you the self-reviving ability and things like chopper gunner. The mystery box is always flashing during the game and provides you an opportunity to choose a random weapon in exchange for your current one.

5. Look For More Perks

These will help you get in a better position. Perks provide you with different powers. They can increase your wealth by up to 50 points and increase your reload speed by about 25%. Black Ops Cold War provides you with up to six zombie perks which are Jugger-Nog, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Stamin-Up, Dead-shot Daiquiri, and Elemental Pop. Choose the most essential perks first. Each perk can be upgraded permanently up to three levels.

6. Use Your Optional Exfil

Black Ops Cold War allows you to exfil from the map when your teammates can’t last long. Don’t die if you don’t have to. Try rolling the dice to survive for long with some extra rewards. Starting from round 10 you’ll be able to use a radio to call in exfil. In the end, if you manage to make it to the chopper, you’ll get a chance to earn Raw Aetherium Crystals and some bonus XP.

Parting Shot…

This is our general guide to the Black Ops Cold War. Evidently, this game by Call of Duty brought about a missed revival of the Zombies with a soft reboot in terms of story and gameplay. Hope this guide will help you and your teams survive the onslaught for longer.

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