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11 Clothing Store Shopify eCommerce Themes 2020

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Before starting with clothing store Shopify eCommerce themes, there is one important question to ask.

Do you know what an online shopper expects from an online store?

A person wants simple things:

  • a website that loads in a matter of seconds and works without breakdowns
  • intuitive navigation – no pages overloaded with dozens of useless elements
  • easy-to-navigate product pages and single product pages with detailed descriptions
  • bug-free and simple payment process with several methods
  • convenient web forms for a signup, testimonials, comments, newsletter subscription, etc.

Apart from low prices and high-quality products, online shoppers don’t want to get overwhelmed with tricky things. We all got used to the good old scheme – to come, to see, to buy.

Thus, if you are launching an online store, you should consider the needs of potential customers and meet them with a perfect website. Yes, in a competitive environment, there is no other way to catch the clients rather than being perfect. At least aiming for becoming better every day.

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How to do it?

You have several options to get a splendid website – hire a web designer, do it yourself or use website creator. The first option has a significant benefit – everything made by experienced specialists looks and works excellent.

Still, beginning online store owners can’t always afford services of the upscale web design studious. Plus, the result doesn’t ever meet expectations. In such cases, Shopify eCommerce templates come in handy!

Shopify is the right choice for those who want to create an online store on their own, don’t have outstanding technical skills, and want to save time and money:

  • Shopify’s interface is user-friendly – it isn’t overloaded with options. The platform offers a basic kit for creating a store though
  • You don’t have to dive into code – you can create and edit a store in a matter of clicks
  • An online store will be lightweight and, therefore, fast and SEO-optimized
  • Shopify has integration with different apps and plugins, as well as an impressive design kit. You can create a store that 100% meets your taste
  • eCommerce themes for Shopify are affordable, and there is a super wide choice of them

To make a long story short if you want to launch an online store, Shopify is one of the best solutions.

Below, you will find 11 awesome Shopify compatible themes for different purposes.


With this theme, you can sell anything from furniture to clothes. Cossa is especially suitable for sports shoes. Its minimalistic design is perfect for sports clothes, shoes, or equipment shop.

The theme supports an Ajax shop that includes:

  • Ajax search
  • Ajax products
  • Add to Cart & Wishlist
  • Ajax Paging & Ajax Toolbar built-in
  • Ajax Grid & List view collection

To get more information about the product, your potential customers can check out:

  • sub-collection and gallery pages
  • a new lookbook
  • 360-degree product view
  • advanced variant swatches
  • QuickView Product Colors and Smart Product QuickView
  • built-in product zoom

Such things as a strong filter, an automatic price change, flexible built-in MegaMenu, drop-down shopping cart in a header, back-to-top button contribute to intuitive navigation.

You can create an online store with a unique style. A design toolkit includes multiple header and footer styles, diverse page layouts, free fonts, unlimited colors, FontAwesome icons, background patterns, and sliders.

Also, there is integration with social media. There are social buttons, so your customers could spread a word about your shop on Facebook or Instagram. You can create an Instagram shop or a Facebook chat.

Important to mention is that developers already optimized the theme for speed and search engines. If any issue appears, you can apply to a 24/7 support team.





Apparelix is a splendid multipurpose solution for all types of online stores! One of the best eCommerce themes for Shopify has nine child themes for:

  • one product (any kind)
  • watches and jewelry
  • sunglasses and accessories
  • electronics and mobile accessories
  • men’s shoes
  • Korean cosmetics

Still, it doesn’t mean that the theme is unsuitable for other stores. On the contrary, you can adjust the page templates to any purpose. At your disposal, there are 60+ editable sections with unlimited color options and unique fonts. You can add and remove page elements in a matter of clicks.

Advanced theme options help in creating breathtaking designs. You can add banners sections, countdown timers, web forms for a newsletter subscription, or a testimonial.

To present the products from the best side, you can create slideshows and product carousels, add galleries, and enable quick views. You can also do it on a single product page and add featured products.

Drop-down MegaMenu, Ajax shopping cart, and collection lists contribute to convenient navigation.





With this clothing Shopify store theme, you will create a website and start selling clothes right away.

The most significant benefit of this theme is its drag-and-drop nature. You don’t need to have technical skills. You can copy and paste page elements and edit them in a matter of clicks. Shopify page builder is one of the most convenient for creating an online store.

For this purpose, there is an impressive toolkit with:

  • tons of banners with 700×420 and 420×420 images
  • collection lists with small, medium, and large images
  • featured products in groups up to 20 items with small, medium, and large images
  • single products with small, medium, and full-width images
  • images with text and text overlays
  • Parallax effect
  • slideshows and product carousels
  • lookbook sections and collection tabs
  • collection banners
  • product countdowns
  • Ajax cart
  • MegaMenu
  • sorting option and quick product view

If something goes wrong, a qualified 24/7 support team is always ready to help you!





Dizza is a multipurpose fashion Shopify store. You can use it for a website of any shop from upscale fashion clothes to electronics.

Due to the modern Bootstrap 4.X framework, your store will look the same on all devices, in all browsers. It’s 100% responsive.

You take total control over the look of the website. You can allocate the products a grid or a list or in a product grid and list with the left and right sidebar. Also, you are free to organize products in categories and create convenient MegaMenu. There is an opportunity to add detailed product descriptions and quick product view.

Other features:

  • product wishlist
  • Ajax add to cart
  • Instagram feed and social sharing features
  • track order and order complete
  • pop-up manager
  • RTL

Besides, there are tons of high-quality animations and free Google fonts. You also get lifetime updates.




Shoes Store

Here is a minimalistic Shopify store for shoes that will highlight the beauty of your products without drawing attention to unnecessary things.

The first thing that an online shopper sees is a homepage. With this theme, you can create both an informative and stylish page that will make the visitors explore the website. A homepage layout has customizable sections. You can drag and drop logos, products, collections, images, videos, text in a matter of clicks. With Shopify page builder, you can get as many layouts as you need – the only limitation is your imagination.

The theme also includes:

  • Ajax cart
  • multi-currency
  • Product Quick View
  • collection catalog and product carousel
  • MegaMenu
  • sorting options
  • newsletter subscription, contact, and search forms
  • Parallax
  • Google map and fonts
  • diverse sliders
  • blog layouts
  • 24/7 support




There is one of those Shopify eCommerce themes that suit any kind of a fashion store. It fits an online store with clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, etc.

You don’t need coding skills to edit the pages. Due to the user-friendly page builder, you can add, edit, and remove page elements in a matter of clicks. The developers used clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding. Due to the modern Bootstrap framework, the theme is responsive and compatible with major browsers. It’s also Retina ready.

Other features:

  • Ajax: cart, search, wishlist
  • multi-currency and languages
  • unlimited banners and sliders
  • brand logo slider/grid on a homepage
  • product zoom and quick view
  • product grid or list view
  • Breadcrumbs with Parallax image
  • scroll to top button
  • Parallax
  • cart dropdown in a header
  • sticky menu

There are also social sharing buttons. It lets more people find out about your store.





Are you selling T-shirts? Croin will help you to present the items from the best perspective and make the user’s experience on the website positive.

Pre-built pages have a structure, namely editable blocks, where you can insert content – products, collections, descriptions, pictures, banners, and more. For presenting your products, you can create product carousels, slideshows, collection tabs, banners, and lists. It’s possible to develop product columns or single product pages. Place a product countdown to let online shoppers know when a new T-shirt comes, or discounts start.

Besides, such things as MegaMenu, Ajax cart, multi-currency, multilingual option, quick product view, working web forms (contact and search) contribute to a positive UX.

There are tons of splendid Google fonts, sliders, and banners to make the look of the website appealing.




Urban People

Are you launching a store for modern, free, alternative society with its unique, unusual mindset? This Parallax theme Shopify will help you to highlight this peculiarity. Minimalistic design with catchy page elements (banners, sliders, popups are to draw attention to the essential things, not distracting people from the main goal – shopping.

Editable sections can make an online store look anything you want. Create collection lists, tabs, or banners to present entire collections. Create single product pages with galleries or slideshows for one piece of clothes with detailed descriptions and form for a testimonial. Moreover, create beautiful lookbooks.

For this purpose, you have ready-made pages and easy-to-edit templates — no need to dive into coding.





Here is the next multipurpose eCommerce theme compatible with Shopify. It’s minimalistic, but you can fill the pages with various plugins and pieces of visual content to diversify them.

For instance, you can create custom content, respectively, blocks with images, YouTube videos, products, collection. You can use such blocks to present a new collection or a new product. The customers will also like it if you create product carousels with featured products, slideshows, or lookbooks. These sections give more information about the piece of clothing.

Also, you can add web forms (contact, search, newsletter subscriptions) and fields for comments. Working web forms are essential elements of online stores.

The theme is responsive and compatible with major browsers.




Apparel Store

This theme includes three skins for three different stores with clothes. There is a classy and low-key theme for men’s clothes and beautiful themes for women’s clothes. They all have a clear structure that contributes to the stress-free shopping process.

With a Shopify page builder, you can edit pre-built pages and fill them with:

  • Ajax cart and dropdown mini cart
  • contact, search, newsletter forms
  • Google map
  • MegaMenu
  • various sliders
  • collection catalogs
  • product carousels
  • galleries
  • tabs

The store has all the chances to get impressive results among search engines because of the:

  • smart SEO optimization
  • high speed
  • small weight
  • Google Analytics for a thorough, diverse, and full-fledged analysis
  • compatibility with all major browsers and responsiveness

There are a couple of other features crucial for an online store. For instance, it’s multilingual and has multi-currency options. The shoppers can come to your website from different places, and it’s essential to provide a convenient space for shopping, including their languages.

If there is no opportunity to add a particular language, your goal lies in creating intuitive navigation, which is comfortable with this theme. The great news is that the theme is dropshipping ready.

There is also qualified lifetime 24/7 support.





Last but not least – a super stylish Shopify theme for a clothes eCommerce store. Apart from the impressive toolkit for editing pages, it has a modern, unusual design that reflects the style of the free, progressive youth.

The theme has plenty of tools to present clothes attractively. You can create lookbooks, collections, single product pages with featured products. Everything depends on your imagination rather than on technical skills. A page builder has a drag-and-drop nature.

Though there was the last clothing Shopify store theme, there are more on the marketplace. Explore different options to find a perfect match.




As you can see, you don’t need a high-paid web designer to create an online store. You don’t even have to dive into a single line of code. Imagine how your perfect store should look like and bring this idea to life. Shopify page builder offers plenty of tools to create attractive pages with intuitive navigation. Fast, modern, stylish, convenient website is what you can create in a matter of hours.

Don’t believe that it’s possible? Try to create one with one of eleven awesome themes for an eCommerce store.

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