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How to change colors of certain elements(title, text….) in WordPress

If you are using a free theme for your WordPress site usually you can’t change theme colors via theme options. In this case, WordPress has a customizer in which one you can change any CSS related to the theme. You can also check our premium collection of WordPress themes in which you can easily change colors via the Theme’s Admin Panel.

Let’s say that you wish to change the color of the titles of default WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen.

Change WordPress title color


First, you will need to open WordPress Customizer. This can be done via front page or via wp-admin. If you are going to open it via the front page, you need to be logged in into your WordPress site. After the successful login, the “CUSTOMIZE” link will appear in the top left corner.


Open WordPress customizer

After you click the “CUSTOMIZE” link, a new page with options will open. In the customizer, you can set the logo and a favicon. For our example, you will need to click the ADDITIONAL CSS” option. A new field will open with the option to add custom CSS.


Add additional CSS to WordPress Theme


Now we need to inspect which CSS class is used for the title. This is a pretty easy task. Simply scroll with your mouse to the title you wish to change, click the right button on the mouse and select “VIEW” (or inspect). You can now see which class is used for the title color. In our example, the class is “entry-title”.


WordPress check elements CSS class

We will change the color of title to red so we need to add this code to the CSS field:

.entry-title {color:red}

After that, all you need to do is click the “PUBLISH” button.


Publish button in WordPress Customizer


Video tutorial: How to change colors in WordPress

I also prepared a short video tutorial on how to change the color of the title. You can change the color of any text element on your website in the same manner. This is also useful in some premium themes because most of them don’t have an option to change every element on the website from the theme’s admin panel.


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