14 Best SEO Compatible Blog Themes For WordPress 2020

As a consistent writer who is seeking out the best blog theme in WordPress, It is also essential to be careful about what your theme has to offer for SEO.

Because even if you manage the best quality content for your blog and still search engines are not paying attention to it. It is time for you to get aware and provide an SEO compatible environment for your web content.

Apart from having regular SEO practice for your contents, It is also necessary to have a proper SEO optimized (based on speed, size, configuration) theme that is ideal to search engines and search bots so that your theme, itself, can work as a search engine optimizer for your website.

Here is a list of the 10+ best themes for you. If you are having trouble choosing a suitable blog theme with proper SEO optimizations, this should definitely help you. In case you don’t have enough time and proficiency to deal with these challenges, you should hire professionals from a  new york web design company to get it to perfection.


The first one on our list is Schema, A multipurpose premium WordPress theme developed by MyThemeShop. Regardless to mention, MyThemeShop is a trusted WordPress theme and plugin developing company stated by 532606 Happy Users!

Schema is an ultra SEO friendly theme that was initially built with the prior concerns of SEO and speed in mind. But within the flow of time, it has now become fully strong in appearance as well.

This theme is featured with structured data markup language which allows SEO bots to crawl your page with proper understanding. And in the case of Schema, it is highly effective by Google Structured Data Testing Tool as well.

Schema also comes with rich snippets that offer a better understanding of SERP ranking.

Most importantly, it offers you built-in reviews to enhance your position in search results. This brilliant feature allows users to review your content, based on the measures you set and Schema will generate rich snippets based on those reviews.

As for speed, Schema is extremely light. According to Pingdom, page size in Schema is only 284.9kB and your website loads extremely faster with it. Here, the average loading speed is 277 ms which is faster than 95% of tested sites.

Apart from Speed and SEO optimization, you are also getting a custom control panel, 100% responsiveness, custom CSS, Ad Management and many other exciting features.

As for cost, Now Schema comes in 35$ with regular license for single site. If you are focusing on getting the exact SEO optimized theme for your blog, then we suggest this budget is totally worth getting it.




Sigurd by PremiumCoding is a blog theme of WordPress which is purely for writers. PremiumCoding is concerned about the minimalism and creative aspects of a website a writer can desire for. Thus, they created such a modest theme where design and utility both come in handy.

For all the versatile writers out there, Sigurd comes with 4 pre-defined demos that you can utilize with a single click before. You can whether select blog layouts or full-width layouts and customize to your need from the menu navigation.

Sigurd is retina ready and it is fully responsive for all devices indifferent to their screen size. As a result, it will look amazing on all devices and work just fine.

More to that, This theme is completely SEO friendly. Developers of PremiumCoding built this theme from scratch keeping SEO optimization in mind. Built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3, Sigurd is also configured with Semantic Markups (also known as Semantic Coding).

Semantic markups provide rich information about the role and importance of your content to search engines. Hence, your content gets increased the possibility to rank higher in SERPs.

Apart from the major concern of SEO, Sigurd is also a proud compatible theme to work in harmony with all popular WordPress plugins. Such as Yoast SEO Plugin, Slider Revolution, MailPoet Newsletter, Facebook Widget, Instagram Feed and many more.

Moreover, Slider Revolution, A premium responsive slider plugin for WordPress comes completely free with Sigurd once you make the purchase.

Sigurd is solely a blog theme for writers with the proper SEO optimization features. Hence, it is built in such a way that the contents you input get soothing to the reader’s eye and they keep coming back to your blog for more.




In this day and age, pretty much every modern WordPress theme should be optimized for search engines. However, with so many alternatives available in the market, you might find yourself completely lost. Avoid that with Harmuny or any other solution that we have here for you, as these are some of the best that you can currently get your hands on. Harmuny is a stunning, striking and feature-rich solution that will get you going in close to no time. Instead of doing the work from the ground up, you can now do it with Harmuny instead. Front and internal page layouts, predefined footer and header styles, Instagram integration, sticky sidebar, you name it, Harmuny delivers it.




If you are looking for something a tad different, Rein is the SEO compatible blog theme for WordPress to consider. In other words, if you would like to create a blog that does not look like any other, that’s when Rein comes into play. With its creative and distinct look, you will surely trigger everyone’s attention right from the get-go. You have a bunch of different demos to choose from and an array of other amenities that will do you well. Some of the features of Rein contain ACF Pro bundle, lazy loading, advertising sections, video support and fully fluid layout.




Dreamla is a minimalistic and clean SEO-friendly WordPress blog theme that will get the ball rolling immediately. After all, Dreamla delivers all the necessary material to get you started, even if you have zero experience with building blogs and pages. Thankfully, you also get comprehensive documentation, as well as access to Dreamla’s professional team of experts who are always down to offer you a helping hand. Choose the sample that resonates with you best and go from there. At this point, you can use it exactly as is, or personalize it according to your liking. Dreamla is also in tune with all popular devices, web browsers and retina screens.




SoleDad is a well constructed multipurpose theme by team Penci. This theme is mainly feature-based and comes with all types of functionalities needed to customize your news or blogging sites up to any level; with access to 900+ demo homepages.

Although it was built with the sole purpose of blogging, since the release of its third edition, it has become fully configured for trying any kind of e-commerce based websites on it.

As for SEO compatibility, SoleDad is provided with Schema Markup and Google Structured Data Supports which are in favor of SERP (Search Engine Return Page) policies.

Built with the latest technology (HTML 5 and CSS3), it’s SEO embedded codebase works in perfect harmony with search engines.

This theme provides six header styles and five article layouts so that you can organize your articles and contents of your page. This way your users will not only face a classy decoration when they visit your site but it will also be highly noticeable by search engines like Google and Bing as well.

SoleDad is 100% fully supported for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which means you can customize your WordPress site for mobile users as well and improve the possibility of higher rankings by search engines.

It also comes with WPBakery which is an intuitive drag and drop page builder and it is completely compatible with Yoast.

In a word, this theme is all built to have a fully configured SEO friendly website that serves your purpose cleanly.




Malina is a powerful, practical and all-around SEO compatible blog theme for everyone who is looking to start a fresh online project. With Malina and all the goodness that it stores in the bundle, you can kick things off in little to no time. Malina has a very modern, trendy and elegant look to it, perfect for those who are in need of something different. Instead of building a blog that looks somewhat similar to all the rest, let Malina take care of the design, the performance all the other amazingness out of the box. Moreover, you can also fine-tune and modify the layout with the use of the user-friendly WPBakery page builder.




MagPlus is a modern magazine and blog theme developed by ThemeBubble.

Today it is one of the best selling WordPress themes especially for users who are afraid of using codes while modifying a theme. With MagPlus, users won’t even need a single line of code and yet create an exquisite website.

Offered with extended numbers of features, this theme comes with 40+ demos and 160+ unique elements to give your site an elegant touch according to your likings.

As for SEO optimization, this theme is not only GDPR compliant but also it fills up all the necessary criteria that are ideal for getting higher ranking from search engines.

MagPlus comes with Accelerated Mobile Page Feature as discussed earlier which makes your website load 5x faster in mobile devices than usual. Also, the inbuilt custom cache system of this theme boosts up your website speed up to 2.4x which is a vital point to be noted for getting positive reviews from Google.

Once you purchase this theme, you will also have access to 7 premium plugins (such as Visual Composer, Social Jumbo Pack and etc). In addition to that, This theme is fully WPML and RTL (right to left) supported and can be used for WooCommerce based websites also.

If you are willing to organize the contents of your website without least involvement of page-builder plugin, then we suggest you should go for it.




The next one on our list is Jupiter, The most advanced multipurpose theme of the current time developed by Artbees. From creating your own portfolio to building a blog with magnificent rich content, this theme can be used for a variety of purposes.

Jupiter is built to give you the best user experience in integration with the world’s base visual drag and drop page builder Elementor. You can literally customize everything on your site.

With Jupiter, you will have some of the best premium plugins such as Elementor, Slider Revolution and many more for free.

This theme is extremely light and beating the core competition of the theme market, it has earned 94% in Google PageSpeed and GTmetrics scores leveraging you with the fast lighting loading speed.

In addition to that, Jupiter has a clean code structure that is quite well observed by Google’s structured data testing tools. These factors come in handy when you are about to get a proper SEO optimized theme for your blog.

With the RTL support & Retina Ready feature, This theme gives you the best experience in customizing your webpage along with the full freedom to design the header and footer of your page in the exact way you want.

And the auto-update feature always keeps your theme updated even if you miss the update once or twice which is really a good sign for SEO.

For more visit their official site here.




PremiumCoding is always focused on creating something innovative and meaningful for users of different kinds. Everly is such a theme by PremiumCoding with the modern concept of blogging and keeping minimalism in mind.

Everly puts first and foremost importance on your content. Hence, pages are moderated in such a way that it doesn’t get overflowed with additional designs or ads rather than your content. And it is made highly suitable for all kinds of devices.

Although Everly comes with 4 different layouts, you can have more by combining any blocks with its full-width version and sidebar version. And if you are willing to have a grid presentation for your posts, Everly has taken care of that too.

For customizing the style of your contents, Everly comes with 5 post templates, three typography fonts, and complete color changing option with a single color picker and many more. You can optimize the beauty of your content with Everly.

Search engine optimization is the most crucial factor in improving the ranking of your page in search results. Everly has the most SEO optimized embedded code to give your content a SERP friendly platform.

Built with the latest HTML5 and CSS3, Everly is well configured with semantic markups to give the best results to search bots about your website. Hence, all you have to care about the quality of your contents and Everly will handle the rest.

Everly is compatible with most of the popular plugins of WordPress including Yoast, Instagram Feed and widgets that are specially made for Google Ad Blocks. Moreover, With Everly also, Slider Revolution, the leading slider plugin comes in free.

You can find Everly in Themeforest as well as in their official page also.



Magazine Pro

Writers are getting out of their usual practice and looking for something different to establish their authority in their page. Most of them are now rushing towards a magazine standard style for their next blog. Our next theme on the list can help you with this purpose.

Magazine Pro is a premium magazine theme by StudioPress. StudioPress which is very well known for their groundbreaking framework Genesis that comes free with their every premium themes.

Magazine Pro is also built on Genesis framework and comes with exquisite looks to serve your purpose.

Used by millions of bloggers, This pro theme is highly functional to all Call To Action options. As for customizations, It has multiple option menus and layouts to go with so that you can enhance the readability of your site just the way you want.

All StudioPress themes are highly compatible with SEO. Magazine Pro falls into the same category as well. The theme falls into every latest norm set by Google. It is extremely light which helps you to get a faster speed than any other Genesis themes on the menu.

Besides that, Genesis framework helps you increase the strength of your document title and metadata because it is built in such a way to satisfy the algorithms of search engines. 

Genesis provides additional SEO settings in your WordPress dashboard. As a result, you can improve your SEO ratings without editing a single line of HTML.

If you are looking for a dedicated classy look in your theme with the advanced eloquent layouts and customizable options in addition to the higher SEO features it offers, you should definitely go with Magazine Pro.

For more, visit their official website here.



Lighthouse Blog

Lighthouse, by wpSeoThemes; A creative WordPress theme builder agency; is primarily built for blogs and comes with most of the SEO optimization features.

wpSeoThemes team was focused to make a theme that goes by all the rules of modern search engines. Hence, Lighthouse offers you a properly synchronized SEO optimized website than other SEO compatible themes in the market.

The average loading speed with Lighthouse is 350ms, can you believe it! Lighthouse gives you a website with 97% more loading speed than usual proven by Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom as well.

In addition to that, Lighthouse follows the rules of on-page SEO where each of your site pages is individually optimized so that they can also rank higher on search results.

Along with powerful SEO optimization, Lighthouse is also enriched with more than 70 strong features including rich Meta Tags, RTL Support, Responsive Design, Ready Child Theme and many more.

In a brief, Lighthouse is an advanced theme. It doesn’t come with any short or custom codes and leaves you with limited layout customization. Because this theme lacks in visual composer.

However, you will have access to plenty of other customizations with the style of your entire website via custom CSS.

In a word, If you are okay to go with the built-in custom option and get a higher SEO performance on a limited budget with your blog website, then this is the one you should go with.

You can also find it here in themeforest.




Magazine3 is solely a blogging WordPress theme that comes with powerful features and creative designs.

This theme comes with five different demos which are proven effective for building different websites from blogging to small modish business. Moreover, It is integrated with all aspects of digital marketing as well.

Magazine3 is aware of the fact that how important SEO is for your blog content, that is why they have perfectly synchronized their flagship theme Magazine3 for SEO compatibility.

This theme is compatible with most of the giant plugins including Yoast SEO, the best available plugin for SEO practice.

Featured with full responsiveness, this theme is good to go with any device and is supported by all the latest browsers.

Moreover, where other themes offer only PSD files for designing, Magazine3 gives you design files in both .psd and .sketch with the inclusion of child theme when you buy the package. Thus providing you full freedom to take your customized files up to any level.

As compared to the price, Magazine3 is actually cheaper than the ones mentioned in this list. In fact, it gives you more SEO friendly customization than our top picked theme.

For more details, Visit their official page here.




Pofo is a creative portfolio and blogging theme in WordPress; developed by ThemeZaa. This theme is perfect for communities who want to build eloquent websites to meet up their purpose.

While developers were solely devoted to bringing up a concentrated design accompanied by the aristocracy in this theme, they were also concerned with the speed, performance and overall SEO optimization also.

Pofo is built with HTML 5 and CSS 3 which is the latest version of these frameworks and it is compatible with almost all SEO plugins available out there along with Yoast.

This theme is well aware of how search algorithms of different search engines work. Hence, your website components such as your database, cache, images and other elements are properly optimized in such a way that you get the best possible ranking in SERPs.

Not only that, With Pofo, Your loading speed will be 204 ms which is even less than our most SEO optimized theme Schema. Resulting in 97% faster than any other tested website. And speed is vital when you are willing to get positive rankings from search engines.

Pofo comes in a bundle with WP Bakery Page Builder hence you can even create a more complex website on your own. And the in?tegration of Slider Revolution plugin helps you display your content in a more organized way under the full surveillance of Yoast.

If you are willing to connect sophistication with efficiency, then we suggest this is the theme you should go for. This theme is worth the price as it comes with a great packaged of goodies to offer.


Final Thoughts

Choosing a theme that does the job of both i.e gives you a stunning blogging platform and in the mean time increases the possibility of getting higher ranking from search engines can be quite challenging.

This is why in this article, we have tried to include the features of the themes mentioned above in addition to its role in increasing your site’s rank in search results. Hope you have found the answers you have been looking for and if you still have any inquiry, leave a comment below.

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