how to create a coming soon page with wordpress

How To Create A Coming Soon Page With WordPress

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Coming Soon page is crucial especially before your website goes live. Whether it is a blog or a website, it is the coming soon page which communicates the intent with the visitors. It gives the website visitors some crucial information like when the site goes live, what is it about, etc.

Moreover, you can kickstart your SEO efforts even before the website is launched. Creating a beautiful coming soon page is important as it helps to create the momentum even before the website is launched. If you are planning for a product launch, a perfect coming soon page creates the necessary hype, so that you can launch it with a huge bang. Creating a beautiful webpage is not an easy task. It takes time and there are tons of things you need to check like browser compatibility. Apparently, you need to hide the website when it is in maintenance mode.

A good coming soon page or a maintenance mode page on your website will let your visitors know about your website status. Instead of a broken website or a black page, a coming soon page would look cool and create a good first impression. In this post, we’ll introduce you to a plugin which helps to easily and quickly create an awesome coming soon page for your WordPress blog or website.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress creates the beautiful coming soon pages in a fast and straightforward way. When you are using a Coming Soon plugin, you need not stress yourself thinking about the design or how it looks. The plugin provides more than 60 themes which help the users to generate a kickass coming soon page within minutes. If you look at the features of Coming Soon plugin, you’ll be convinced that it’s one of the best plugins for creating coming soon and maintenance pages.

Features of Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

Compatibility: Plugins create insane troubles while working with the different themes. Coming Soon plugin works like a charm on all kinds of WordPress themes. So, you need not worry about your coming soon page when you change the WordPress theme.

Fantastic Themes

There are over 50 themes which are ready to use. All of them are easily customizable and professionally designed. No matter whether you have a dog training website or coffee shop business, you can find a suitable theme in their theme collection. The best part is they are adding new themes regularly.

Thousands of Images

Images are the super useful especially when you want your page to look unique. Images create an attraction and hook the visitors’ attention. Or else it looks dull and boring. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin has a special image library with more than 400,00+ high-resolution images. You can use any of them on your maintenance mode or be coming soon page to make it look more appealing. The coolest thing is you can even apply Instagram-like image filters on those images to make them unique.


SEO is the crucial factor. This plugin is not just a coming soon page generator. It has got more. It acts as a perfect SEO plugin for your WordPress blog. It runs more than 20 tests on different SEO aspects and provides a solid actionable advice. The real-time google result preview helps the webmaster to know more about his website. It takes care of things like favicon to complete SEO analysis of your WordPress blog.


Coming Soon plugin supports CRM, autoresponder, marketing and webinar software. It efficiently pushes the subscribers into the right buckets. The cool part is it includes Zapier.

You’ll be surprised to see the coming soon page is created and launched within a matter of minutes. Though the complex code runs at the back of the plugin, it’s all truly simple for the webmaster. It is intuitive and super simple.


It’s a great sign from the developers that they have put the plugin demo on their website. It’s better to look at its functionality before deciding to buy. The demo has covered all the PRO features and you can observe how easy it is to do the stuff with this wonderful plugin.

Money Back Guarantee

Though there is no trial for this plugin, you can feel safe as they offer a 100% money back guarantee. You just need to inform them if you don’t like the plugin within seven days and they will refund the amount 100% without asking you any questions.

There are many other excellent features packaged in the Coming Soon Pro plugin. Some of the other features which are useful are Design-Layout, Design Social Icons, Design Subscriber form etc. All these features help the user to design each and every aspect of the webpage according to his taste and theme of his website. The Access Rules feature manages the Coming Soon page visibility. When it is turned on, only the people who are logged in can work on the website and for others it displays a coming soon page.

Wrapping up

Overall, Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is one of the finely designed WordPress plugins. As you have read about its features, you would have got an idea that it’s more than just a Coming Soon page. The developers are passionate and so they release the updates regularly, and you can even get the free version from the WordPress repository. The SEO aspect of the plugin is brilliant. The themes look premium and the visitors turn into subscribers very easily. If you are searching for a perfect Coming soon plugin for your WordPress blog, then Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode PRO plugin is the first thing you must download and probably you may not need to look at any other related plugin.

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