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ipstack Provides Top-Notch IP To Geolocation Service

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There are plenty of ways how you can target and know your audience and IP geolocation API, ipstack, is one powerful way of doing it. It is a tool that provides the necessary information about your visitors and clients based on their geographic location and IP address. With the two details combined, you can create precise campaigns tailored to your audience.

By implementing an amazing tool like ipstack, you can locate your guests real-time. What this allows you is to not only prepare highly targeted campaigns but also improve your website’s user experience.

Running, managing and maintaining a successful page is an ongoing process of optimization and conversion maximization. In other words, never stop testing and refining your website and bring it to the next level.

To achieve the goals you set for your business or online project, you need to utilize different extensions. Without those, you have no idea how your website is performing. You do not even know how much traffic it generates. You are lost and hopeless.

However, one simple plugin or a string of code can change the entire picture for you. All of a sudden, you start becoming familiar with who your audience really is. Only then, you can begin tweaking things, adding new content, removing elements and the process goes on and on.

When it comes to locating visitors by their IP addresses and geolocations, go with ipstack. It is a real-time API service used by thousands around the world including the most notable brands, like Microsoft, Airbnb and HubSpot. If it works for them, you know it will work for you butter smooth, too.

Whether you are starting out, receiving little traffic or millions per month, ipstack handles it all. The service scales simultaneously with your business. Grow it above and beyond and the tool keeps doing what it does best flawlessly.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the service and see what you get.

First, there are four different pricing plans available, starting with the free one. Actually, there are five plans, but the last one, called Volume, is for insane monthly traffic volumes and applies to custom needs and the most advanced users. But do not hesitate to test the waters with the free plan first and see how it goes. Still, if you are in need of identifying your visitors by their IP addresses, you will soon want to upgrade to at least Basic plan. Just saying.

More than pricing, it’s the features that matter most. ipstack comes with five different modules: location, currency, time zone, connection and security.

Location module

While each of the modules is pretty self-explanatory, a few additional words will not hurt you. When it comes to the location module, it allows you to apply geo restrictions on your site. You can use these exclusively for optimizing advertising campaigns or to improve the experience of your guests based on their location.

Currency module

When it comes to online shopping and globalizing your eCommerce website, currency module comes super handy. Instead of doing things manually, converting from one currency to the other, let ipstack’s currency module do the job for you. There is no need for the shopper to calculate how much something costs when your web store takes care of the pricing automatically. Happy shoppers!

Time zone module

This module gives you all the additional information about your users regarding their geolocation. What’s best? They do not have to fill out any forms, telling you their exact location. It is ipstack’s API that does the magic and displays their location by country, city and town for you. Interesting, I know.

Connection module

You can even take the extra step and learn the ASN and the hostname of the ISP your users use. “But what shall I do with it?” you might ask. When it comes to advertising and targeting, this type of information can come extremely helpful.

Security module

Make sure your website is under full protection and no threat comes anywhere close to it. With ipstack, you can detect crawlers and proxies and make sure nothing harms your business. You might already be using different plugins for site security but this is just another layer of protection that does you well.
wordpress and gdpr compliance

No matter at what level you currently are with your business, as soon as you start properly tracking your visitors the better. That could mean all sorts of things, from a simple integration of Google Analytics to more advanced stuff like locating and identifying visitors by their IP addresses.

If you are not doing anything in regards to website analytics, drop everything and sort things out this very moment. You do not know yet how much money you might be leaving on the table.

When you start tracking everything, you can finally enjoy the monetization process of your website. Whether you are a blogger, an online magazine, product or service owner, put in the next gear with ipstack. At the end of the day, it does not really matter what type of a business or project you run, whatever you do online, you need to understand your audience to the very last visitor or user.

With the modern technology that is at your disposal, you can easily and effortlessly do loads of tech stuff with little or none prior experience. What’s more, the included documentation that comes with each product is so thorough you do not even need to contact the support team.

All the above applies to ipstack, too. This IP to geolocation API is one of the leaders in the industry with a total of two million unique locations in over 200,000 cities around the world.

What was once only a side project, it later grew into a full-blown business. By connecting many ISPs which are updated frequently, ipstack makes sure it delivers the most accurate data to their users. The database is freshly updated several times a day and the tasks are executed in just a few milliseconds.

From now on, you do not have to ask your website users to provide any information to be able to identify their geolocation. It is the fantastic service that you integrate into your website which does the work for you. It is easy and straightforward, as well as free for small volumes, so test it out with no obligations.

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