MilesWeb Review – Dedicated Servers at Lowest Price

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When you look for robust hosting services, you know you have come a long way growing from zero to something.

We want to be successful when we start our company. The step-by-step procedure enables us to reach more people and, as a result, make more purchases.

You understand that upgrading to dedicated hosting will help you as you’ve begun receiving a lot of traffic. We also use dedicated servers for the majority of our business websites since it increases productivity and output.

Dedicated hosting is cost-effective. It’s not like the other hosting service, where you’re limited in terms of usage and storage space. Dedicated hosting is a hosting service that gives you your own server.

Dedicated servers are ideal if you wish to go ahead and handle the most traffic. They hold the potential to manage that many visitors and yet deliver the best results.

On MilesWeb’s dedicated servers, you can host your high-traffic websites. They provide excellent hosting services at a reasonable price. MilesWeb is ideal if you’re seeking low-cost but high-quality services. They provide the following hosting services – shared, dedicated, cloud, WordPress, VPS, and reseller hosting.

When a website is unavailable, visitors go to a similar website. They dislike websites that take a long time to load. It irritates them because we are impatient humans.

So hosting that limits and cannot handle heavy traffic will stop you from flourishing. You will also start seeing downtime issues. A significant bounce rate will result as a result of this. That is why dedicated hosting is best for lowering downtime and bounce rates.

What Are Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated hosting services give you access to a fully functional physical server. Here, there is no sharing of space or resources. That is also because you are in a fully dedicated environment.

Dedicated hosting provides more protection and privacy. It ensures that the website runs smoothly. If shared hosting poses a high level of security risk, dedicated hosting poses no such danger.

It is more likely to boost the business website’s traffic, sales, and ranking. The brand’s distinctiveness is further improved by such robust hosting.

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers are secure and trustworthy. They will also fit into your budget. You can definitely anticipate top-of-the-line features since they are the greatest web hosting solution.

Self-managed and managed dedicated hosting are also available from MilesWeb. You can contact MilesWeb’s sales staff for managed dedicated packages because their website only lists unmanaged plans.

This is the best option if you want your bare metal servers managed by the company. They will always be there to resolve your queries.

Unmanaged dedicated services cost between Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 46,999 per month. This hosting package comes with a variety of options. As a result, it is dependent on the website’s requirements, and you can select the appropriate plan.

MilesWeb also offers custom packages for dedicated Linux server. If the available plan doesn’t consist of the required resources, you can request a custom package. The team will be happy to do that for you. They will give you an idea about the pricing.

Dedicated hosting is typically used by high-traffic websites, eCommerce sites, and businesses that cannot afford to lose customers. For such high-traffic websites, server uptime is critical. You will lose potential sales if your website has too many downtimes.

MilesWeb also has the best network uptime, with a service level agreement of 99.99%. That helps users run a smooth website that is up and available at all hours.

MilesWeb’s web hosting services, including dedicated hosting, come with tons of fantastic features. Their strategies will benefit you to the utmost and help you grow your business to new heights.

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting.

Free SSL Certificate

MilesWeb gives a free SSL certificate with all the dedicated server hosting plans. The certificate protects the data on the website and all essential information shared by the visitor on your site.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb gives guaranteed network uptime of 99.99%. They assure you that your website will stay up and run hassle-free. This will also eliminate any server downtime issues.

Unlimited Web Hosting

You can host as many websites as you want with a dedicated server hosting plan. MilesWeb doesn’t restrict you with a limited number of hosting. Plus, they give you the right to resell your resources if you wish.

Root SSH Access

You have complete control and management over the dedicated server. In fact, you can run big web apps on your bare metal server. And they will be extremely reliable.


Enjoy excellent security because you don’t share your resources with others. Dedicated servers will keep you away from threats and risks.


The dedicated hosting services offered by MilesWeb are reliable, secure, and cost-effective. If you’re short on cash, this low-cost hosting will come in handy.

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