should your blog be separate from your website

Should Your Blog Be Separate From Your Website?

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One of the questions that come up quite frequently is whether or not should your blog be separate from your website.

While we can say from our personal experience, experts from all over the globe say it as well – your (business) blog should be part of your (main) website, period.

The benefit of combining the two are very many.

If you are worrying that you will end up overflowing your users with too much content going on, you are wrong.

While you can add a blog as a subfolder or a subdomain to your existing domain name, you can, of course, create a new website just for the blog, too.

However, the latter is not something we would recommend to you. Not only can running two different websites become challenging, but you will also not see as many benefits SEO-wise, heck, you can end up with zero.

SEO Benefit

After all, you do want Google to like your website, rank it high and drive to it tons of organic, “free” traffic, right?

That said, there should not be a concern anymore whether or not to add your blog as part of your website or not.

With the two combined, you can end up keeping your online presence rich with fresh content day in and day out.

Instead of focusing on building your website and your blog separately, do things the right way by having them both on one domain name.

As a business owner, you will end up wanting to target loads of different keywords that will drive traffic to your business. With a blog, you can publish practical and educational articles regularly, but you will end up positively impacting both the blog and the main website.

Let’s face it, it is not only the user who wants new content from an expert like you, but Google also prefers websites and blogs that are updated frequently.

Subfolder or subdomain?

Also, it is advisable to use the subfolder structure ( rather than subdomain (, as search engines treat the latter as its own website. Meaning, by going with the subdomain method, you end up with “two pages.”

You deserve more traffic

If your website and blog are on the same domain name, the user is more likely to browse through other sections of your website and learn more about your business.

That’s a boost in user experience.

Whereas if you have the two as individual websites and someone lands on the blog, they might not even know whose blog it is. Sure, you can brand it and whatever, still, the likelihood of the user visiting your main website is much lower.

Avoid the extra cost

One of the reasons you would want to keep a website and a blog together is also the cost.

Why would you want to pay two fees on everything just to run two websites that will not give you as great results as running one?

Especially if you are not building the website and the blog yourself, as this could mean quite a hefty fee to hire a professional to build you two websites.

Avoid that completely by not separating blog from your website, rather keeping them together, your website ( plus your (

This way, you can operate your entire online business from one location and benefit from SEO and organic traffic, better user experience and less cost.

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