Top 10 Lesser-Known WordPress Plugins To Optimize Your Website 2017

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The most loved & popular CMS in the world, WordPress offers you a wide range of features and flexibility. Its easy to use, adaptable, and allows you to add a host of plugins to your website to enhance its functionality. However, apart from some of the most used plugins such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, BackupBuddy, W3 Total Cache, etc, not many are aware of the other powerful plugins that can help them enhance their website as well as user experience. And if you are one of them, then this article is for you.

Listed below are 10 really effective, lesser-known WordPress plugins that can help you improve the overall productivity and performance of your website.

Contact Form Database


This plugin allows you to save submitted contact form data to your WordPress database. It allows you to export the saved data to a file or use short codes to view it. In addition, it comes with three administration pages that helps to simply the process. They are

  • Contact form DB – To view & export form submission data
  • Database Options – To change configuration parameters
  • Database Short Code – To generate shortcodes & exports


Compress JPEG & PNG Images


Optimize your site’s speed with the help of this plugin that allows you to automatically compress your JPEG & PNG images by integrating it with compression services like TinyJPG & TinyPNG. It also provides multisite support with a single API key and is compatible with WooCommerce.

SEO Smart Links

This plugin helps you to automatically interlink your pages and makes navigating your website better by setting up no-follow & other corresponding tags. It also helps you to create affiliate marketing links which includes options like link cloaking and it allows you to set up custom keyword lists along with matching URLs.

Simple WP Sitemap


Simple WP Sitemap helps you to generate an xml and an html sitemap that automatically updates itself, which makes the process of indexing your site easier. It gives you the option to add pages to the sitemaps that aren’t part of your original wordpress site and all sitemaps that are generated through this plugin are mobile-friendly.

Naked Social Share

A simple to use plugin, Naked Social Share helps you to create plain, unstyled social share buttons with options like

  • Twitter handle – wherein you can add your twitter handle to include a “via @YourHandle” message in the Tweet.
  • Automatic add buttons – it automatically adds social icons below a specified blog posts or web pages
  • Social media sites – this helps to change the order the of the social media buttons and comes with the disable option.


WordPress Ad Widget


Place ads on your website in no time with the help of this plugin. This plugin allows easy placement of image banner ads, without the hassle of clunky ad management interface and is especially good for beginners, as all you have to do is drag a widget to the sidebar, upload an ad, and save.

Download Monitor


This wonderful plugin helps you to track, upload & manage downloads, and let’s you insert download links into a post. Further, it allows you to categorize, tag, or add other meta to your downloads and it comes with shortcodes, so that you can download a link in a variety of format.


This plugin helps you optimize your WordPress database by removing used and duplicate data. It helps to clean up embedded caches, orphaned user meta, spam comments, duplicated post meta etc.

WP Security Audit Log


Protect you site from hackers!

By installing WP Security Audit Log, you are able to keep an audit trail on all activities & changes done on your site. The USP of this plugins is that it helps to track any suspicious activity, before it becomes a problem or a security threat for your website.

Email Address Encoder


This plugin protects your email addresses from spam by encoding it into decimal & hexadecimal entities. It is a lightweight plugin and stops email-harvesting robots from picking up email addresses from your web pages.

Wrapping Up

These are just 10 lesser-known but extremely useful WordPress plugins. If you want to learn more about other such plugins, you can checkout this ultimate guide to WordPress Plugins or a shorter version with 25+ WordPress plugins. Comprising of 125+ unknown WordPress Plugins, this guide is categorically divided in 14 sections, some of which are as follows:

  • Images & Videos Plugins
  • SEO & Social Plugins
  • Sliders & Widgets Plugins
  • Email Plugins
  • Sitemap & URLs Plugins
  • Download Management Plugins
  • Security & Customer Management Plugins


These amazing plugins can make your life easy by helping you to improve your site’s functionality and performance. Additionally, you can download a PDF of this guide for free and keep it for your reference!

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