Top 12 Magento Security Tips To Avoid Ecommerce Pitfalls

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Considering the battle of ecommerce through the expansion of web and mobile application, Magento has collected noteworthy attention to grab the winning factor of the ecommerce battle. To avail the customization and seamless integrations with in-built security functions, Magento is a desirable choice for ecommerce developers through hiring best Magento developers to carry out the ecommerce transformation.

Despite having set of robust security features, the vulnerability and security threat of various cyber-attacks made eCommerce owners think twice about security features in the different ecommerce development platform. The growing number of security menace needed our instant attention and quick actions.

So, here I am taking you through the five comprehensive and perennial security tips that help you stay up-to-date with Magento ecommerce website to avoid complexity arriving at various level. To fill the gap between these tips and actual execution, you need to hire experienced Magento developer who can have proficiency in ecommerce development.


1. Keep updating Magento and various extensions on your website

To prevent security issues, you should keep updating the latest version of Magento. Due to flexibility via third-party through the Magento extensions, the updated versions of extensions would prevent some hazardous conditions.

This is because the latest updates went through the different security aspects before its release and it is always advisable to keep Magento Version and Magento Extensions up to date for subsequent changes.


2. Think of complex password strategy:

Accessibility of websites through the password often leads to brute-force attack and may harm unexpectedly. In this advanced technical world, the one password is not enough. Don’t you think that you should have more robust authentication strategy?

The password that is having complex formation would be a good action in security strategies. Either you can create a strong and complex password that you should change frequently or, you can opt for various two-way authentications through the available extensions.


3. Strictly adhere to use of best quality anti-virus protection

Among numerous types of anti-virus software available in the market, you should be familiar with licensed best and, quality anti-virus software to detect the threat and take possible security measures.


4. Use Standard and safety protocols

The transformation of data, every time, needs to be assured with encryption standards such as SSL (Secured Socket Layer) and HTTPS. The uses of such protocols also offer the security standards and provide safe online transactions.

Magento provides inbuilt configuration to use the aforementioned protocols. This plays a major part in compliance with data security. The unencrypted transactions over the website would result in data loss. Thus, to maintain security through the secured protocol usage is necessary.


5. Think of SFTP instead of FTP

To access your files and data being transferred, there is a secured version of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is SFTP. The use of SFTP would enhance the security of file transfer. SFTP stands for SSH FTP that facilitates secure file transfer capabilities


6. Define the accessibility for different users

With Magento Project, there are numerous people working on the backend to provide needful services. Here you can think of different roles and access to users. With the separation of roles, the accessibility is limited only to the respected users. This reflects in security integrity and controls the unnecessary usage rights of files.


7. Use authenticated emails and keep changing your password

The email ids are extensively used by everyone as it is the primary base for connection, being in the digital era. Ensure the employees are never trying to reveal important factors. To stay at the top with the Magento ecommerce platform, you need to be very focused with the email ids that are used by you and your employees.

Whether you have created a strong password or not, it is always better security tactic to change it frequently. You should keep changing the password on a regular basis. The hackers are likely to gain access to the password by brute-force attack and this is what should be prevented in any case.


8. Count on Site Backup as the ultimate security strategy

Although having technology and tools advancement, you should have the website backup in any case of fault tolerance. Prepare your recovery plan and restore functionalities in order to avoid any possible harm.

Perform automated data back-ups or frequent manual back-up is worthwhile to restore the loss due to any intrusion activities on an ecommerce store.

Database back-up, Major Credentials, any important documents are must be in the replica and used when it needed.


9. Ensure the safety of the main files in Magento ecommerce development

It is one of the good practices that you can restrict the read/write permission of files. Securing the major credentials and access of files would help most in Magento security aspects.

The local.xml file contains encryption and database accessibility standards. You can set a restriction on usage of this file through defining the permissions across website directories and pages.


10. Opt for good Hosting Providers

It plays a significant role in security concerns. The trusted and secured hosting service providers offer many tools that are used in detection and prevention strategy for any cyber vulnerabilities.


11. Monitor and track record of every transaction

While working on Magento platform for ecommerce development, irrespective of the functional size, there are plenty of transactions occurred within time. To track the activities manually might not be feasible all the time. You can use various modules and extensions for accurate reporting and track all the operations on the site.


12. Use trusted and secured Magento extensions

To enhance the ecommerce functionality integrating various extensions is one of the reasons behind the popularity of the Magento. Due to this flexibility, you should take extra care when buying a Magento extension from the store. You cannot trust all the vendors and that is why it is always useful to buy extensions from trusted developers.


Magento Security Concerns

As you know, the security is not should be considered only at a specific level, it is a process that you should be applied at every stage of development process. Considering these tips would help you obtain small yet significant approach in order to keep your website secured and up-to-date. Keep in mind that you should hire expert Magento developer with insightful and skillful efforts into Magento development.

Implementation of these aforementioned tips would create a secured approach throughout the website and can reduce the chances of security threats for your Magento ecommerce store.

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