Vital Consideration to Make When Choosing a Web Host for a Business Website

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Web hosting is the most important aspect of a business website. With the website being the face of your brand online, the hosting service is the foundation it is built on. It is good to think of it as the foundation of a house. If the foundation is week, it will undermine the strength of the entire structure. Your choice of a hosting service has to be made meticulously. This post focuses on the key considerations you have to make when picking a web host.

Identify your hosting needs

The first step in the search for hosting services is identifying your website needs. What kind of website are you targeting? Will you be using Windows applications? Will your website have a web-shop? Do you need special software?

Knowing exactly what you want to build is the key to picking the hosting service that is perfect for your business website. The above are just some of the basic questions you need to answer. Make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve before you start your search. Once that is clear, here is what you should look for in a web host.

Uptime scores and server reliability

When it comes to website hosting, nothing is more important than a 24/7 operating website host. You need a host that runs a powerful server that is not only fast but also stable. The uptime scores should not go below 99.5%. Server monitor tools will help obtain information on the web host uptime.

The simple fact you need to remember is that if the network connection is unstable, or if the host doesn’t have a powerful server, you will deal with website downtimes. These will only succeed in pushing customers away. Your website needs to be accessible at all times when your customers need it. This will only happen if your web host has a remarkable uptime score and offers a reliable server.

Upgrade options

Although for a business website you need a dedicated hosting service, shared hosts are very powerful nowadays. You will be able to enjoy great support even with a website that receives up to 40,000 unique visitors a month. However, before you go for this option, make sure there is room to grow.

As more people learn about your website, you will have to do more. This means your website will grow in size and its hosting needs will also increase. To keep you from going through the trouble of switching to another web host, make sure the web host you use offers you room to grow. You should be able to upgrade from shared hosting to virtual private and later to dedicated server.

User-friendly control panel

The last thing you want is to keep contacting a professional web developer to help make minor changes to your website. This will happen if the control panel provided by the web host is not user-friendly. A good web host should give you an easy-to-use hosing control panel. This could even be a third party control panel.

The availability of website builders will further make your work much easier. Web builders make it easy to create your web pages, update your content all without having to engage in any form of coding. If you will be uploading content on your own and on regular basis, pick a hosting service that gives you a user friendly web builder.

Add-on domains

Doman names are much cheaper today. As a result, you will find yourself owning more than one domain names. Some people own up to 50 for their website. In order to accommodate your many domains, you will need extra hosting space. This is one of the key reasons you should go for the web host that allows you to add multiple domains. With shared hosting, you will be allowed up to 25 add-on domains under one account. But there is no guarantee of this.


The reason you are setting up a business website is to increase sales. This will be counterproductive if hosting your website ends up straining your resources. There are many web hosts that charge very little to signup but will strain you when it comes to renewals. Unless you want to jump from one web host to another every month, you need to avoid the inflated price renewal costs.

The reasonable price for shared hosting is about $10 per month. However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, pay attention to the fine print. What do the terms of service state? Are there limits imposed if you exceed a limit? Make sure the renewal prices are acceptable to you before you sign up.

Refund policy

What happens if you are not satisfied with the service? If you are using a trial period, it is important to know if you will get a full money back return. You also need to understand the refund policy after the expiry of the trial session. Will you have to pay cancellation charges?

Understanding how a web host handles customer refunds will keep you from losing a lot of money if you are not satisfied with the service. You should note that there are companies out there that charge extremely high cancellation fees when a user cancels during or after the trial period. Regardless of the reputation the company has amassed, avoid it any way.

Ecommerce features

Whether you will be building an online store or not, it is important to make sure the web host offers ecommerce features. You never know what the future holds. You don’t want to have to switch hosting services when you need ecommerce features, do you?

You need to be able to host your own email. Although there are several options you can use to own email accounts at your domain, a web host that offers you an email feature will save you time and money. These are just the crucial points you need to consider when choosing a web host for your business. The key is to ensure you work with a reliable company that offers you all the features you need for your website.

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