Why Businesses Aren’t As Successful Without A Mobile Friendly Site

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Anyone who owns a business of their own may be asking themselves “Why is it critical to be mobile-friendly?” From a marketing standpoint having a website that consumers can access on their smart phones and other mobile devices is the key to standing out among the competition. No matter what type of business an individual runs they will be competing with countless other businesses offering the same products and/or services. In a world where most consumers actively use their mobile devices any company that does not have a mobile friendly website will find themselves suffering from a lack of sales.

Over the course of the last several years digital advertising has become increasingly important as consumers demand to be able to make purchases from their mobile devices. A 2012 survey conducted by Google revealed that 67% of respondents were more apt to purchase goods and services from a particular business if they had the option of using their mobile device to place their order. The survey also revealed that 61% of participants would shy away from doing business with any company not mobile friendly.

Major department stores such as Target and Macy’s have discovered the benefits of using digital marketing to increase their sales. Shoppers at both department stores can access coupons and special offers that help them save money, just by using their mobile device. Amtrak is another company that has taken advantage of the age of digital media as they have now made it possible for passengers to receive their train ticket on their smartphone and have it scanned on their phone’s screen; helping them avoid the hassle of needing to obtain a paper ticket.

The question “Why is it critical to be mobile-friendly?” can be answered in many ways. Younger consumers have become so accustomed to using their mobile devices for just about everything that they can’t imagine the thought of doing business without them. This is one reason that it is crucial for businesses to become mobile friendly if they are not already.

“Why is it critical to be mobile-friendly?” Many people are so busy these days that they simply don’t have as much time to shop as they used to. Due to the rising cost of transportation many consumers throughout the country do not want to frequent a business unless it is quick, easy and convenient for them to do so.

Studies have shown that most consumers prefer when they can access a business’s website on their smartphone and the mobile friendly website has a button they can click to immediately place a call to the business. If a consumer is searching for a particular business on their mobile device and they find that they cannot simply press a button and call the business many times they will simply find one more mobile friendly. When driving around looking for a business, consumers want to be able to look at its mobile website and find out the operating hours of the business. If they are successful in this endeavor they are more likely to make a purchase from the business.

Digital marketing with the assistance from a prestigious company like Digital Next can also help businesses by helping their website rank higher in the Google database. Businesses with a mobile friendly site will be seen as more useful by Google and are more likely to appear at the top of the list when users perform an Internet search.
As people rely more and more on their mobile devices mobile friendly websites are becoming an increasingly important part of any business plan. Consumers want to purchase what they need and desire with as much ease as possible.

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