advantages of a single page business website

9 Advantages Of A Single Page Business Website

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If you are building something fresh, chances are that the safest way of doing it is by choosing a single page business website option. Instead of having multiple pages for your business website, everything is included in one page. Meaning, you have about, services, portfolio, contact, testimonials and other handy sections gathered together.

There are many popular business websites that are designed using the one-page design. Let’s look at why a single page website is a popular choice for small business organizations. Below, you will find some of the biggest advantages offered by a single page business website design.

Benefits of A Single Page Business Website


1. Easy to Manage

The main advantage of having a one-page website is that it is easy to manage. When you have a multi-page website, it becomes difficult to manage the content. Consequently, the users do not refresh the website content quite often. But, when you have a single page website, managing the content and making changes is easy. You have it all in total control without constantly jumping back and forth, editing and improving pages and sections.

2. Improves User Friendliness

Another important advantage of having a single page website is that it improves the user experience. There is no need to use any refresh action when designing a single page site. Users can see all information just by scrolling without moving from one page to another. It takes less time and less clicking for the potential client to learn more about you.

3. Mobile Friendly

Single page websites are the perfect choice for mobile users. Today, most of the people are using their Smartphones to access websites. When you take that into account, it is good to go for a one-page design, as it allows the mobile users to view the content of the website without needing to click and open other pages. Bear in mind, whether you go with a premium WordPress theme or you create your own web design, responsiveness is a must in the day and age we live.

4. Unique

Even though single page design is a popular choice, many big business organizations still prefer to go for multi-page websites. This makes single page websites unique as you do not come across many one page business websites. A great choice for you to go with to easy distinguish yourself from the competition and stand out from the crowd.

5. Improves the Performance

An important feature of a business website is its loading speed. If your business website takes more than 5 seconds to load, it is considered to be experiencing poor performance. By having a single page website, it takes less time to load. Many users prefer single page websites because of this reason. Not only that, mobile users are pickier than desktop surfers. If a site does not load in an instant they will probably leave early.

6. Simplifies Story Telling

simplifies storytelling
A single page website emphasizes on the simple storytelling method. When you have multi-page websites, it becomes really difficult to convey what you want to tell your visitors and navigation becomes really difficult. By having a one page website, it becomes easy to navigate as there is only one way to navigate, and that is to scroll down.

7. Better Conversion

The aim of every business website is to bring maximum visitors to the site and then convert those leads into your permanent customers. According to a recent survey, a single page website is more user-friendly, conveys your ideas in a better way compared to a multi-page website and thus helps in generating more leads. A single page website makes it easy to use the Google Analytics tools and other optimizing tools to improve the performance and draw more visitors to the website.

8. Cost Effective

singlepage business website is cost effective
Building a business website is not a cheap option. When you hire a professional web designing company to build a business website for you, you will have to pay a huge amount. But, if you are going to build a single page business website for your organization, you can easily cut the cost. Single page websites are easy to develop and manage and hence a cost-effective option. Besides, one of the best options is to simply pick a premium WordPress theme which is friendly to both beginners and experienced site builders.

9. Provides Hassle Free Browsing Experience

A single page website makes it easier for the user to browse the website and find what he or she is looking for. Most of the time, in a multi-page website, users find it quite difficult to find what they want.


More and more organizations are moving towards the idea of a single page website as it offers a lot of advantages. So, the next time, if you are planning to re-design your business website, consider the idea of a single page web design.

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