9 WordPress SEO Tips for Your Online Store

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Many people today find it useful to get involved in e-commerce. Technologies have made the process very simple – all you need to do is to create your online store, arrange drop shipping, and advertise your products. The better customer service is, the more loyal clients you’ll have.

However, since the number of various online stores increases exponentially, it’s getting more difficult to compete. That’s why digital marketing and online advertising techniques are getting so sophisticated.

As a business owner, you must be interested in growing your sales by raising your brand awareness and acquiring new customers. Without proper search engine optimization (SEO), this task becomes almost impossible.

Yet, optimizing your website is not as easy as finding quality essay help when you need an academic paper to be written for you. Most SEO tips are specific to the platform you use. In this article, we’ll focus on SEO tips and tricks that could be used to grow the popularity of your WordPress website.


Create a Sitemap File

Your goal is to create an online store website that would be ranked top by the search engines. Often, even the most visually appealing sites get lost among others simply because their creators forget about optimization.

The first and foremost thing you should do with your WordPress website is to create an XML Sitemap file with detailed information about pages and the relationship between each of them. This is how you manage to communicate your website’s structure and content to the search engine.

Pick the Right Theme

There is a term called ‘SEO-friendly theme’ for WordPress websites. These are well-optimized themes that have built-in SEO options. However, finding such a theme can be a hard task. Unfortunately, they are pretty scarce.

A SEO-friendly theme is responsive, has H headings in its structure, and offers pre-built page designs with SEO optimized layout.  Ideally, your theme should be built specifically for the type of business you run. This creates more chances of getting a better ranking for your website.

Use Plugins

WordPress has lots of different plugins that can help you identify and fix broken links, improve your website speed, simplify website navigation, etc. These software tools are created to ease website development and make sure the website is properly optimized.

You should use these tools at least to improve the loading speed and optimize keywords. These are critical SEO requirements. Also, better store navigation and the identification of broken pages will be more than helpful to a large online store.

Publish SEO-Optimized Content

The way your website content is written indeed matters for your search engine ranking. There are lots of text parameters according to which Google and other search engines qualify your website. For example, such criteria as relevance, readability, keywords, and so on really impact your success in SEO.

Today, content is what drives the traffic for online stores. Great content is usually focused on the needs of customers and answers their questions. At the same time, it flows naturally and sounds interesting to a diverse population of clients. Optimized content is always useful and relevant and never obtrusive.

Write Catchy Product Descriptions

Make people remember your store by adding some creativity. Unique content is important, but it should not be plain and monotonous. To get rid of boredom and make your website catchy, avoid publishing daunting product descriptions.

People will remember that you offered something more creative than manufacturer’s descriptions. This will generate extra traffic for your website. It really works great for your website SEO, especially if you manage to add relevant keywords to your descriptions.

Work on Your Checkout Page

The most common problem for online stores is that nearly 70% of customers abandon their orders in shopping carts. The reasons for this phenomenon are different, but it really affects sales volumes.

Website developers say that one of the main reasons why customers choose not to proceed with the order is because of a complicated checkout process. People love what is easy and fun. Website errors, mandatory registration, complicated designs – all this will make them choose your competitors over you.

Optimize Product Images

Visuals are essential for online stores. People want to see beautiful, clear pictures of the products they wish to buy. The more aesthetically pleasing the image is, the more they want to buy your goods. That is why it is so important to put up images of the highest quality.

Yet, it is critical to optimize such images, too so that search engines associate those pictures with your website. This is done on the level of algorithms. You, however, should take care to add the ALT tags with relevant keywords to every image.

Improve Google Ads Settings

Whether you accept it or not, you’ll have to advertise your goods via search engines. Otherwise, you risk losing lots of clients. However, even when you surrender to this truth, Google Ads may still work against you.

Independent research showed that around 89% of paid clicks did not transfer over to organic clicks. The main reason for it was poor Google Ads settings. Thus, to ensure your advertising is properly optimized, check your ad settings and consider using cheaper cost-per-clicks ads.

Check Broken Links

Nothing affects your optimization more negatively than broken links. At the same time, you can’t avoid adding cross links to your website content either. That’s why it is important to regularly check the links you added on your website or install special software that will do it for you.

Search engines are very sensitive to broken links. If you fail to replace those with new and working ones, keeping broken links may negatively affect all your previous SEO efforts. It’s also bad on the client level. People feel deceived when they are promised to get the information they need but the source does not work.

Final Words

These 9 tips will definitely be useful to those who only start the development of the online store. However, it can also be of help to those who’ve built a great website but do not get enough traffic and have no clue why.

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