How to Make A Beauty Salon Website With WordPress

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I approached creating this guide on how to make a beauty salon website with WordPress as a complete beginner.

You’ll very likely read stuff that no one else shares.

My imaginative state: I’m a salon owner and I know what WordPress is, but I have no idea how to build a website with it. (0 coding and design background.)

Shall we begin?

5 Steps: How to Create Your Beauty Salon Website

1. Domain Name

This is easy.

Since I already run a salon, I will use my business name as my domain name.

Tip #1: If you operate locally (non-English speaking countries), you can alter the domain extension accordingly (.de, .si, .it, etc.).

Where do I buy a domain name?

Since I will use Bluehost as a hosting company for my website, I’ll register my domain name through their platform.

Tip #2: As a beginner, I want to have as a few accounts as possible. Thus, I won’t be purchasing a domain name and hosting separately.

This can cause a little extra work because you need to link them together.

But with Bluehost, all is in one place.

Very convenient!

2. Hosting

Without hosting, there is no live WordPress website.

Tip #3: Since I am just starting, I don’t really need to complicate with the hosting provider.

My salon website won’t have a ton of traffic just yet. And even if I do decide to sell beauty products, I won’t have a ton of them.

With that in mind, even though I will use Bluehost (Basic at 2.49€/mo), you can also opt for some local hosting and domain registrar provider. (However, the tips below may not work 100% in that case.)

Note: Bluehost even offers a free domain for 1 year, which is pretty COOL.

3. Install WordPress

Luckily, I don’t have to do it myself. While not all hosting companies have this feature automated, Bluehost does.

And what’s even better, you can also reach out to their legendary support team to guide you. (Even do it for you – you just need to send them a (polite) message.)

But it’s so straightforward, you’ll manage it yourself. It only takes some clicking on your initial setup and that’s it.

That’s why you want to go with Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plan.

I’m now able to access my WordPress login through the provided link or I can visit

That’s where I’ll type in my WordPress admin username and password that I created earlier.

This is not the same username and password that I use for logging into my Bluehost account.

Tip #4: Don’t use the same login details! (Safety first.)

At this point, I spent just a few minutes but already did so much in regards to setting up my beautiful beauty website.

In short, we are pretty close to getting live now.

4. Use A WordPress Theme

This is where this guide on making a beauty salon website with WordPress shifts from all the others available on the internet.

Even though Bluehost offers some nice website designs, I will pick one from the dedicated beauty salon WordPress themes instead.

These already come with the necessary layouts, elements, plugins, and features.

Hey, I’m in a hurry, I don’t want to spend hours on my website!

Tip #5: If you plan to sell products, you can also pick a cosmetic and beauty store WordPress theme. (These come with a full-blown integrated eCommerce feature.)

But I won’t.

This is what I’ll do next after I find the theme that resonates with me best.

Contact Theme Author

Purchase the theme and get in touch with the author right away.

After all, since I’m not sure how to set things up properly and don’t have time to learn it, I’ll just ask the pros to do it for me.

Sure, this may cost me a little extra, but I’m serious about my business expansion, so investing a few EXTRA dollars will do me EXTRA good. (In my case, the cost is only $50.)

Note: Since the majority of themes come with different demo material, you can ask the author which deme to install for you.

You can also ask them to do a few light tweaks, which they will.

(But don’t ask them to do any advanced work or custom coding since they won’t. Or they may charge a much higher fee.)

I’m now ready for the finishing touches.

5. Customize & Add Your Content

Theme Customization

Every modern and reliable theme is 100% customizable. What’s best, you don’t need to write code to make the tweaks happen.

Either you use the page builder (like Elementor or WPBakery) or you can simply access Appearance > Customize (from your admin panel).

Still, if you find a theme and a demo that works for you, you don’t really need to do any heavy lifting.

It’s more or less just about changing the colors, texts and other content.

Tip #6: Always keep it simple and minimal. Don’t use any dramatic color schemes and other crazy effects.


Do use high-quality images that represent your beauty salon and quality services. Make your visitors and potential clients go WOW.

Plugins and extensions

This is where dedicated WordPress themes for the beauty and salon industry become time-savers.

They feature all the necessary plugins and features, so you don’t need to include them manually.

You get stuff like online appointment booking, testimonials, pricing plans, opening hours, newsletter subscriptions, and more.

The themes are also compatible with translation plugins (like WPML), ensuring you easily translate them to any language you want.

Even make an RTL version.

Content Inclusion

I already briefly mentioned this, add gorgeous imagery, write compelling texts, even showcase your location on Google Maps.

Replacing the theme demo’s default material with yours is quick (especially if you have it all prepared in advance).

Also, don’t forget to visit Settings > General where you add Site Title (your business name) and Tagline (what you specialize in).

Tip #7: IMPORTANT! You can always flip through theme documentation in case you’d like to get familiar with something.

Plus, you can also get in touch with the theme support (6 months for free if you purchase a ThemeForest theme) and they will assist you accordingly.

You’ll never feel lonely on your journey to a successful beauty salon website launch.

Beauty Salon Websites Made Easy

There’s one thing that we all have in common: We want quick results.

You can now start spreading the word for your beauty salon with little work and a tiny bit of extra investment (for theme install and setup).

Keep in mind: It’s not all about the promotion of your business and services.

A website that you are about to create will also keep things more organized with handy online appointments (no more emails, no more phone conversations).

The client can find their preferred date comfortably, book it and that’s it.

What’s also cool about this particular type of guide is that it easily applies to other service-based businesses.

Make things happen – Your way!

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