Ranktrackify Offers Easy Keyword Tracking

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If you are looking to simplify the method of checking, tracking and monitoring your keywords, Ranktrackify is the answer.

More and more companies, brands and, of course, bloggers, start to understand the true potential of search engine optimization. Even website owners who, in the past, didn’t invest too much into SEO, are finally considering taking things to the next level.

After all, once you do things the right way, you can keep that organic traffic for years to come, even with little time spent on maintaining high rankings.

Of course, unless you have thousands of published articles. But that’s something you would not do yourself anyway, rather you would have a team of experts working on taking things to an entirely different degree.

Keep track of your keywords like a pro

Still, whether a small blog or a giant news site, tracking your keywords is mandatory.

However, why doing it manually if you do not have to?

That’s when the amazing and super convenient Ranktrackify comes into play. One tool that takes care of all the hard work instead of you. Even the whole setup is a little breeze, making sure everyone gets the most out of the software, even if still a beginner.

With a plethora of different pricing plans, you can easily find the one that suits your project best.

What’s best, you can start and test the waters entirely free of charge for fourteen days straight.

The free package that Ranktrackify offers supports fifty keywords, five website and daily keyword updates. That is more than enough to see how the software operates and start tracking your keywords without the need to use a credit card.

A few clicks and off you go.

Moreover, while there are three core premium plans to choose from, Ranktrackify actually offers a whopping nine different packages.

Yes, that’s 9!

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can comfortably find the one that is tailored to your needs.

Wide range of pricing plans

Starting at $7 per month, you get the XXS package that supports fifty keywords, five websites, one team member, daily keyword updates, reports and email support.

By the way, while you can pay monthly, you can also pay yearly and score yourself a 20% discount.

While it is entirely up to you, which option you choose, search engine optimization and keyword tracking is a long term project, so it might be wise to go for a yearly payment and save.

Anyhow, the other two main plans, Small and Large, go from $27 to $97 per month. The former supports 500 keywords and fifty websites, while the latter easily handles three thousand keywords and 300 sites.

If you are just starting out, feel free to go with the 14-day trial first, and see how it goes. Even if you decide to start with the smallest plan, you can upgrade to a greater plan at any time you want.

In short, Ranktrackify is for everyone.

If you are ready to sort out keyword tracking and monitoring the right way, take a clever shortcut with Ranktrackify and make an immediate difference. Little do you know, it takes you barely any time, and you can already see how high (or how low – always be optimizing) your rank for a particular keyword.

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