Tips to design an award as well as customer winning websites in 2016

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How much performance for a website is important? Many do answer that  a little for loading or perhaps the aesthetics. When it comes to competing with highly advanced competitors you need to push the envelop in order get highly trendy websites.

Well performance of a website be it its visual performance or functionalities all matters a lot. I have gone through a lot of blogs that discuss about latest web design trends and due to this a lot of clients come up to me and ask to adopt the same. Well at times it is difficult to make them understand that “All that glitters is not gold.”

Looking at the plausible impact of the writeup’s, I also decided to write a blog in which I can put forth my opinion.

My point is simple:

In wake of adopting the latest design trends do not compromise with the performance.

Let us see what all trends we can incorporate in our website!

Use JavaScript but here is the caveat –

Pingdom tools

JavaScript is one of the most trending thing web design trend these days and a lot of social plugins make use of them. It is also seen that JavaScript can also make a website quite slow.  We also know that the users do not work properly if the website do not works well.

JavaScript is extremely functional and it can be used for many things that other languages can not. This is a great design trend that allows you to create great web screen, for instance other styling elements such as sliders and there needs adding functionality.

JavaScript can be found in many of the modern libraries and frameworks such as Backbone.js, Angular.js, and Knockout.js.

There are ample lot of reasons why JavaScript can hurt the performance of your website and they are the following. But one of the most important one is loading time.

There are numerous tools that can be used to measure the load time of a website. Use them to check whether you render a smooth experience to the users or not.

Trending UX

Trending Ux

There is a big misconception that UX is a term related to mobile apps. Wherein this is not the case as user experience is attached to all the fields that is accessed by users and this is the reason  we need to pay heed to user experience design.

If you just need to attract the users then you can go only for user interface design and ignore UX completely. However, a beautiful thing can attract users for sometime but when the user will start working on it they will get irked if their experience is not good.  For keeping users engaged and earning their word of mouth you need to design a highly intuitive website.

UX is so much trending that we have an award for the best UX websites.

Card Design


Card design seems to be a luminary idea for those who have a lot of information to show in one go. In order to make you websites scan-able you can adopt card design layout that can help you to showcase a lot of information in one go. This trend is also well accepted as cards also suffice in Material Design and they also get acclimatized to the responsive design which is one of the prime requisite for web developers.

Cards are highly user friendly and this is the reason also a reason why they are still in the race of web design trends. They are also a great way to organize your products easily on the website as it helps you to deliver all the relevant information in one go.  These layout also allow them to switch easily from one thing to another.

A smooth navigation using Hamburger Menu

We know that mobile devices have become highly popular among the users, web designers need to make their designs more simple so that the users can easily get along with your website. In order to deliver highly incredible development trends we have hamburger menu. This is a great development trend that is works well on desktop as well as mobile version of the website.

Keeping the navigation layers of a hamburger menu makes a website look cleaner and more trendier. Most of the people are familiar enough with the pattern. This pattern is quite a familiar and makes the hamburger menu. However, you need not to apply this web trend just because it is trendy  but you need to see before look whether it can be beneficial for you or not as hides the discoverability.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, this menu style won’t suit them as it harms the discoverability of the display menu.



No one wants to know what you do because there are ample of people out there who are doing the same.  What is making you different among the masses. In order to stand out in the competition you need to present your content in a highly compelling and different way. One of the most effective and creative web design trend is storytelling.  Despite of telling that you can act well show them that you have acted in these many movies and have won accolades for the same.

Talking about how to apply storytelling in your website, I can say that if you are service provider then you can easily tell your stories  about the services that you have provided. Wherein, telling stories in an eCommerce website is a bit difficult task to perform.

I hope this will help you create a great web design!

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