Typography, The Secret To Success

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It’s true, the little things are what matter most. When you choose a font for your content, I’m sure most don’t think too much about it. Neither did I, until I realized the impact a change of font can do to an entire site. That’s right. Your whole site can feel different and impact visitors differently, just from the typography your content is displayed in. Imagine that – a facelift in the amount of seconds it takes to push a button. I’m not usually for quick fixes, but this definitely seems like one.

They set the tone of your site

The brain is able to process images much faster than writing, which includes fonts! Look at your website without reading the content, just look at how the font portrays against your website design. How does it make you feel?

An impression takes 7 seconds. During 7 seconds a website visitor is taking in the layout, color, and overall design your website. Overall, these qualities bring about an overall feeling with your audience and this sets the whole tone for the rest of your visit.

Imagine you’re getting ready for an interview. You put on your business professional, groom yourself up to par, and put your best foot forward. You don’t take any risks because you know first impressions are everything.

They say an interview is much more about your personality than your qualifications.

This is comparable to fonts. Yes, your content may seem most important but if you’re the first impression doesn’t keep the visitors on your page, then it doesn’t matter how great your content is.

How can fonts evoke a feeling?

I know it may sound crazy, but hear me out. They say the “why” of businesses are the most impactful.

Why is this? Well, the way of business relates to feelings – the most influential quality of all! Imagine – a company’s CEO is in an interview and is asked, “why did you create this business?” If their response was, “to make a lot of money”, you can hear the sales declining already.

As humans, we want to relate to each other. That’s why the story of reaching the American Dream is so popular. We want to hear others’ stories of when they went through adversity and succeeded. We are emotional people, whether your boyfriend wants to admit it or not.

It’s the same concept when your favorite song comes on the radio, or you play certain music while you work out. All of these are feelings that cause us to act a certain way.

It’s much more difficult to relate this to fonts because we use fonts as a way to present content, and the focus is always on the content.

However, this is not true!

When a coworker turns in a project in an ugly font, without realizing it, you may assume the content isn’t the best.

In fact, Baskerville is the world’s most persuasive font. Why is that? It looks trustworthy and connects a feeling of trustworthiness with the content we’re reading.

The least agreeable font? Comic Sans.

Fonts specs matter too

And you thought this couldn’t get complicated. Welcome to the world of design – the little details are just as important as the big ones. Fonts come in different weights, heights, and widths. I’m sure you’re familiar with bold and italicized, but what most people don’t know is there’s a scale of weights. The reason this is important is because the weight of a font can greatly change how it looks.

Does this really matter? Partly.

It means you have more options than you think, but also each font has a certain width and height. Meaning, a wider font would have a more geometric look and a taller font may look more narrow. If you like the ratio of the dimensions – your font’s character lines can change but keep those dimensions. This also means you can create variety within your website, without having to look for another font.

Pairing fonts together

Now, this part is crucial, as you can make or break what you’ve already built. Pairing fonts can be the most challenging part because most people aren’t sure how to pair correctly.

It’s not just about two fonts that you really like, but rather creating a balance that portrays your content in the best light. Think back to the emotion you want your content to portray. Classy, trustworthy, intelligent, and modern are a few that come to mind. Make sure both fonts reflect this. When pairing fonts, I like to think of one font as the spotlight font and the other font takes a back seat. The spotlight font is usually the one shown in headlines, and the other font is shown in body paragraphs.

The golden rule? Pair serif fonts with sans serif fonts. These fonts work incredibly well together! If you’re looking for a resource, Bold Web Design Adelaide, has created this great font combination tool that can help.

WordPress themes with unique font combinations

A beautiful font combination, using simple but classy Arial style fonts.

Elegant and beautiful, these Playfair Display style fonts combined with a complimentary script, make any website gorgeous.

Want something a little different, try to go back to the wild west.

It may seem like a lot, but we guarantee it’s worth the investment. A little change can you put you ahead of your competitors and bring your business success, just with a little typography face lift. Happy fonting.

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