OpenRates Provides The Freshest Live Exchange Rates

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When you are running a financial website or anything that has something to do with finances, OpenRates is going to be the extension that you will need.

Whether you are are starting from scratch or reshaping your current web space, this tool will be of tremendous help to you. Not only you but your users which will love returning to your page to see all the new stats that your page brings to the table.

So, what is OpenRates?

You might be fresh, or you might already be familiar with it, but OpenRates is an API that delivers live exchange rates, as well as currency conversions.

Unfortunately, it is not available as its own plugin yet. Who knows, the folks behind the tool might expand their offering sometime in the future. More on that later.

This superb API provides the most accurate and up-to-date exchange rates for a whopping 32 currencies. For your information, OpenRates supplies data in the JSON format.

Before you begin questioning yourself where does the JSON API get the data from, read along and find out all about it.

up-to-date exchange rate data api

All the currency data comes from the European Central Bank and is updated on a daily basis at around 4:00pm CET.

There is more.

What is also very cool about OpenRates is the historical exchange rates it provides to all its users. It goes all the way back to 1999 in case you would like to showcase comparison tables or whatever else you plan on using the feature for.

Of course, OpenRates also supports HTTPS and is entirely powered by a rock-solid, stable and flexible infrastructure. It is a guarantee that not you nor your users will ever have any issues checking out the live currency stats.

Using the API is very simple and straightforward. While you have it all clearly stated on its official page, let’s take a quick pick at what you can do with OpenRates.

Some of the stuff we already mentioned while some of the info will be new.

Latest and historical rates results can simply be set with the provided queries. Moreover, you need to know that the base currency of OpenRates is set to Euro. However, if you want to change the base parameter, go ahead and change the EUR into, let’s say, USD. You can use pretty much any other three-letter currency code to localize OpenRates stats.

What is the point in using JPY as a base currency, if your website is full of CZK traffic, right?

By the way, with OpenRates, you can also limit the results to particular currencies. Meaning, why using all 32 if only three matter to you and your audience?

To achieve that, all you need to do is to append a simple string of characters to the latest rates code. For instance, if Euros, British pounds, and Swedish krona is all you would like to display, the code will look like this:

In other words, just replace the three-letter currency codes with a comma. That’s it!

You probably noticed that I wrote HTTP above and no, that is not a mistake in writing. It just tells you that OpenRates works smoothly with both HTPP and HTTPS.

In case you happen to be entirely new to this, you can check out our very own variation of something similar to OpenRates, just that ours is specific to cryptocurrency. After all, we implemented it into our Dinarcek crypto WordPress theme.

There is no need for you to do things from scratch. When a tool is at your service, utilize it and see first results in an instant. With OpenRates, you can attain exactly that with barely any effort invested.

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